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    I’m not sure I’m 100% happy with this but it’s all a learning curve for me on Photoshop so the more I practice the better I’ll get, hopefully!

    It’s one of many shots I took at the Kelsall Steam Rally this afternoon and I love to see rusty vehicles amongst all the shiny stuff on display. Oh, and there’s some sky in the corner to keep it on topic (runs for cover)

    Rusting in the Sun



    I like your second shot John. Like the way the grass has been cut to leave curves that wrap around the trees and how they eventually draw you to the wall in front of the building where they’re mirrored by the large curved bay of the house.

    The cloud actually looks like smoke that’s come from the chimney stack on the left!


    Pete Robinson

    Ian, I like your title for your tiny men photo. It clearly shows the effects of the weather. I noticed the tiny man scratching his head. Is he wondering why ladies love to spend so much time sun bathing?

    John, I think you’ve been clever in spotting how the shape of the cloud matched the shape of the tree. It adds interest o the photo and converting it to black and white helps the viewer to concentrate on the shapes without colours being a distraction. I agree with Mervin’s comments on your second photograph. It has plenty of depth which always like. A foreground leading in, the building in the mid-ground and the sky in the background.

    I think Mervin’s moody sky matches the poor state of the rusty truck. Both of them are past their best.



    Love the airshow shots Pete.  Almost wish I had been able to go despite my fear of air shows and low flying planes. Having grown up in Freckleton and gone to the rebuilt primary school I am spooked around planes for life. http://laituk.org/B-24%2042-50291.htm and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freckleton_Air_Disaster

    Love the parachute shots and the near misses are spectacular even though they make my heart stop.



    Finally entering something. It’s been a while!

    Rain or Shine.



    meg cumming

    Oh very nice. This was from our last visit to Tutbury.Must admit I prefer the colour.The only niggly bit (I know I know shout later) is that, the tree leaves above the umbrella would it look better if those were cloned out?


    Ian McNab

    I really like the BW version, Dee – it removes the powerful distraction of the orange bits, focuses attention on the faces, and is more in keeping with the old-fashioned look of the subjects’ clothes. Very nice double portrait.


    Pete Robinson

    I’ve read the Freckleton air disaster story and it was awful. I can understand why that event can give people a fear of planes.

    Like Ian I prefer the black and white version which suits the subject matter more for me. The only thing that concerns me a bit is that the lady is leaning away from the man. So I wondering if they’re a couple or strangers? If they were both under the brolly the brolly would ‘frame’ them both. They look a bit like separate elements to me??? What do you think?

Viewing 8 posts - 46 through 53 (of 53 total)

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