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    Hi and I know I am treading that fine line but hey I am still me. BUT I did not feel that the last part with the two images was so good last night. It showed the image authors and also the images were not really random as they were picked our by the operator. And thus, well


    D. Williams

    Re the images not being really random as they were chosen by the operator.  John stated that Breeze Browser was used by Ian.  This was obviously so that he had no influence on the order and it is  a credit to him that he went to this trouble to ensure fairness.

    This is how it works:

    Breeze Browser

    “Images can be displayed in file timestamp order or in random order. The random order works similar to shuffling a deck of cards and then dealing them one at a time – the images are sorted into random order and then each one is displayed in turn. When all the images have been displayed they are sorted into a new random order and displayed again (similar to shuffling the deck of cards and dealing each card again).”

    So as you can see the operator did not pick out the images.  The showing of titles for the final few was obviously a software blip and I can’t say the names of  who took them was any surprise to me personally.  The last two images were a tough call to choose between … but the operator did not win, so can hardly have gained any advantage from his position.



    Well that’s me in my place again wrong again. I must remember not to have any commented


    D. Williams

    You are not in the wrong Paul.  I just clarified the situation for you as you had misunderstood how the selection was made. Easily done.  I am sure others not familiar with the program used may have made the same assumption.



    Yes, and I am very grateful to Ian for taking over the running of the KO.

    I used to do it using the windows viewer and had to set the first round of images up in random order. it took hours.

    The actual running of the comp was slightly smoother in that I simply deleted the looser each time but there was another big advantage of using BB,  the images are more accurately displayed.

    D is right that the appearance of the titles at the end was not intentional. We never display author’s names before images are judged.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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