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    When the society surrendered to the PC brigade and disbanded the Ladies Cup recently-I made an offer to buy the cup. No surprise that I did not receive a reply nor acknowledgement. My initial thought being that arriving at this decision in committee deprived the members of expressing a democratic viewpoint.  Presumably thereon the cup would be out of commission and kept in someone home never to be seen again. So my objective for buying the cup was twofold. First it would put cash in the coffers ( say about £250)–secondly I planned then to  have it presented to one of the past “Lady” winners as a gift and their permanent retention. A more fitting end than being stowed away. As it would not have been fitting to have presented the cup to a committee member that has subscribed to its demise –this would I think have only left one lady pre-winner and that would have been a truly fitting choice. I remember the lady I have in mind being so proud to have won it and certainly in surely anyones opinion she is a “Lady”. 



    I must be mistaken in thinking that I had replied to your suggestion, thanking you  and saying that someone else was also interested in buying the cup. It was awarded this year of course and was scheduled for retirement next season.

    In any event your very generous offer can be  made to the committee at their next meeting in August and the matter resolved.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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