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    Well I am sure ill be in the wrong AGAIN but was I the only one totally lost by the end of the night. The first part I made some notes that could help and was interested but sorry but the second part about printing was I shambles again. If people are going to do PC stuff an they make sure they know what there doing before they show others. This happens a lot and confuses more than teaches.



    Oh and I know I am rude and not like the rest but I can’t just sit and be nice all the time sorry



    Well done Paul for speaking your  mind  and not a load of patronising which is all to common  on these forums. You are not rude  at all but one of the few brave ones not afraid to speak the truth.   I was still unable to attend last night   but I know to well where you are coming from.  The problem is “THEM  and US” -IF ONE of US   you will be favoured.  If one of THEM you will be ignored   so thereon   whether qualified or competent to speak/ lecture whatever you will only be asked if one of US.  Whereas  anyone  demonstrating   or speaking  need to be very competent and concise.  Let me qualify that by my own experience. First let me explain in the N.H.S. I was Kings Fund trained in public speaking.    With a wonderful Scotsman  Professor Norman Blacklock (Surgeon Commander Blacklock  R.N.) Who in the   70s/80s/   was the Queens Surgeon  abroad. It was him and I who kick started all the “healthy diet ” thing (British Nutrition Foundation).  We toured all the great lecture halls in universities–including Oxford   and great Teaching hospitals  giving our lectures and demonstrations and were in big demand. In May 1982    H.M The Queen and H.R.H. Prince Phillip came to see our work.    Now fast forward  to C.P.S.  years on–and  was asked to do a twenty minute demo. on using  my own method of mounting-I kept it brief and made it a bit of fun and involved members-it was a laugh.  A few days later  the well respected Simon phoned me saying how it was enjoyed and could I do something else.  I said I still had a really great thing of the Royal Wedding  Charles and Dianne  which even for the National Trust  Annual Dinner went down well.  I was told later that when suggested  I  could do this  the mere suggestion of  “ME”  went down like a lead balloon   and years on never happened–because I was not one of “US. ”  There is a problem at C.P.S. as not for the first time I have stated  and fairness and equality  are at the centre  in my opinion. I am sure  the Local Authorities   who rent out the room to C.P.S  would insist on   -tranparency  fairness and equality. I admire you Paul for speaking up .  


    Pete Robinson

    I would like to thank all three speakers for the time and effort they put in preparing and delivering their talk. I particularly enjoyed listening to Wallace’s adventure to the Galapagos Islands. It inspired me in to wanting to go. I don’t know if I’ll make it though. It must be a photographers dream to roam so close to so many fascinating creatures and to be able to photograph them at leisure. John’s talk and videos were informative and learned some useful tips about using RAW. I’m sure Ian will be the first to admit that his talk went a bit wrong, but I got the idea of what he was doing. Don’t be to hard on him!




    I am just saying that if anyone puts there ah and up to speak they should make sure they know what they are doing, we hear and have been told so many times it FIRST important to know your equipment this goes for the pc as well as the camera I am sure. This was not the first time we have had so much wasted time with the pc. I feel that we only have 2 hours and so being prepared is key.

    I did like the talk about the animal place  (can’t spell it)  just not sure it’s as relevant in the learning to be a photographer and that its a place to see animals up close.

    I know that what ever I say will be out of place but hey you don’t have to agree with me, I am just saying…….

    John’s talk about RAW  was helpful and I am going to shoot in RAW more often now.




    Before thinking about RAW–  early workers should be encouraged to get all their camera settings correct. These so sophisticated cameras “should” get all your exposures correct”histograms”  correct light balance etc etc.   Looking at your images Paul–you don”t need to struggle with RAW–you are always spot on with what you are doing.



    I’m sorry to say that this post makes me quite sad.

    Doing demonstrations in front of a large number of people is NOT easy. So I applaud all those who give up their time and make an effort to produce them for the club during the open nights.

    I myself, as part of my job role, have to do demonstrations so I know how difficult it is. It’s nerve wracking. Plus, no matter how much preparation has gone in, the technology has a habit of behaving unexpectedly. This on top of the pressure of doing a demo like this can make it very difficult. So, rather than criticizing those who are willing to do these demos for US, we should be supporting and thanking them for their efforts.




    I agree Darren.  As an ex pro demonstrator, although not in this field, even I balk at the thought of everything that can go wrong (and inevitably will) when demonstrating on equipment that is not your own, on a program software edition which is not the one you use, to a room full of impatient people of very mixed abilities ….some of whom know everything you are about to demonstrate already or have a very different way of doing it.

    A nerve wracking nightmare waiting to happen and I applaud anyone who attempts it especially when asked at such short notice as Ian was.

    Ian McNab asked me earlier that day to demo putting an image on the site via a web connection for everyone and I can tell you I was pretty quick (after bearing all of the above in mind) to point out John had recently put his cat jumping image on and I was sure he could manage! Phew! 😉  It takes a braver person than I given all that can go wrong and without time for preparation to be able to answer any questions and deal with all eventualities.  Unfortunately there wasn’t time anyway.

    Preparation is of course the key but if you have any idea quite how much time all those individual stages of ‘here’s one I prepared earlier’ take to actually have ready … people would not be quite so quick to judge.   Of course anyone with the time and skills who wishes to put something together to show us how it’s done,  would be most welcome to have a go I am sure.

    In the mean time as Darren says we can only thank and support those who give their time trying to help us all even when it does not quite work out as well as hoped for.

    The youtube demo’s did work well and hopefully we can run a few of these in future.


    meg cumming

    As a tenchno phobe I found the UTube piece very informative and would happily look at more in the future. I know it can be hard giving talks and demos as well as trying to use equipment at the same time. It must be difficult to sit there and be aware that your audience is getting restless, but feel Ian did well. I’d have hated to do a slot: having done readings in Churches and lead prayers, knowing people are waiting for you to make a mistake makes it harder on the demonstrator. So I don’t think we should be hard on them.

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