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    On Sunday Peter and I will be going to the L&CPU AGM at Chorley. It is the 13th or 14th that I have attended.

    There is nothing special on the agenda but you never know, exciting things can happen on the day.

    There is one thing that puzzles me a bit; the plan for the Big Day, a much loved event, becoming a strange event centred around print competitions for club members “without distinctions”. Now you all know how much I value support for beginners but is such an idea going to attract sufficient support?

    We can ask Bob tomorrow night if he knows anything about it but, there is the other surprise, Bob is down to leave the executive committee this year.



    This is a plan for the day…

    The Novice Championship would be an un-mounted ‘A4’ print competition, and be in two sections. Open Colour and Open Monochrome. Each club can enter 6 images from 6 different authors in each section (entry quantity from each club to be confirmed).

    Schedule for the Day 10.00 Introduction by the President of the L&CPU (10 mins)
    10.10 Programme of the day by the Event Organiser (5 mins)
    10.15 Set up of Round 1 – Colour Prints (20mins)   At the start of the day, clubs would present their colour entry on the provided display boards. 10.30 Opportunity for Audience to view round 1 images (30 mins)
    11.00 1st Lecture and Round 1 Judging. (60 mins)   i. It is proposed that a Lecture is provided to the Audience, whilst the round 1 images are assessed   and marked in a separate area.   ii. The three judges will walk around the entries, scoring each image out of 10
    12.00 Round 1 Images are taken down and replaced with round 2 Image (15 mins)
    12.15 Opportunity for Audience to view round 2 images (15 mins)
    12.30 Lunch Break (60 mins)
    13.30 2nd Lecture and Round 2 Judging (60 mins)
    14.30 Results and Presentations (60mins)
    15.30 Closing (30mins)
    14.00 (sic) End
    Awards In each section you would have best club, who would have the total highest score in the section You would have individuals awards for the highest scoring best image in each section, with a number of ribbons for the runners up. You….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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