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    WAS THAT NOT A RECENT SUBJECT?? Any comments welcome.( just took this photo  )


    Ian McNab

    Pleasing overall triangular form to the subject, and the directional lighting is good. I wonder whether the ratio between the light and shade isn’t a bit too great for this subject – would a bit of fill help? Also wonder if placing the bowl with the handle closer to the vase might help integrate the two groups of elements into a single whole?

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    Peter Robinson

    That’s a lovely picture Ken. I agree with Ian and think that move the smaller bowl under the flower would have helped the relationship between the two objects. How about lighting the background a little to show a bit of the environment and throwing it out of focus?



    Thanks Ian–I took a spot reading off the flowers to get the dramatic lighting and darken the background to eliminate other objects in the shade. I think it is a tad under and have lightened it a bit. Iwill re take and had wondered about the composition-perhaps move the bowl closer and the handle not so straight on.Had wondered about a loose daisy head as a third element either in the bowl or in the shade on the right????   I will try a fill in with a reflector–thin  a flash might create more problems. I wait till the low sun comes through the bow window   for this effect–late afternoon this time of year. Thanks Ian.   PS   Did not see my old glue mend on the vase handle till now!!!Thinking  top left flower-back view  has a leaf covering and needs moving  to show all the back of that flower????????? Hi Peter–the background is wall clutter etc.I even painted some out–but will try one and post–when the sun shines next???????

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