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    Not sure if this fits in Kit Chat but it seemed the nearest topic.

    Is Lightroom (or any Adobe product for that matter) ever offered with price reductions, special offers, etc? I know it’s not a particularly expensive piece of software but money is tight…as it often is these days!



    It has been offered at a discount in the past. In fact I think it is on offer at present in the USA.

    It is half the price it used to be.

    If you take up the offer of Adobe on rental you get Photoshop with Lightroom thrown in for about  £9 per month.

    Otherwise, it is a case of waiting and watching.

    I have to say that, unless you are interested in compositing images,Lightroom is all you really need; it will help you to keep track of your pictures, convert raw files and process them using all facility you need. It has noise reduction capabilities which may be the best available. It allows printing direct or output of files in any form you wish. It represents great value for money.



    Mervin no one will listen to me–bovered!!! I have Lightroom 4 –don”t even look at it –cannot see the purpose. Photoshop- over priced as they have every onecaptured –except me. I use SERIF–PHOTOPLUS SIX.–EVERY THING AND MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER NEED–CANNOT FAULT IT.Have a look at Serif –get a free trial version which will only be part of. Believe me -and ” WHICH” who rates it with PS. Very comprehensive-fast-non-destructive-some one on the phone to speak to-and very good deals–give them a ring and have a chat–mention my name—With respect have just read Johns post–all on Serif and more-Raw-HDR–With regard to “noise” I rarely have the problem as I keep to low ISO—-But today at the church it was very dark and a candidate for noise- On Serif in a section called ” photofix” I was amazed-ONE CLICK–ABOUT THREE SECONDS—PERFECT–Also if you were to pay say£79 for the latest PhotoPlus Seven–you will never pay top price again–even less than half.Google–check–buy–and say –thank you ken- £9 a month-is £108—-a year- £79—tops–Serif last as many years as you like. Believe me.

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