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    Have been reading an article on PetaPixel by Paul Stamatiou who processes massive 48mg files in RAW by the hundreds. He says Lightroom  slows the whole process up . So he has built up his computer and changed from Mac to Windows  to speed things up. Spending like $6,000 on computer parts. Seemingly many others find Lightroom slows the process  down. An interesting read particularly those with the knowledge of computer workings. So my mind goes to those who have struggled with W10 and wonder if Lightroom could be contributory to their problem.   I do not use Lightroom nor  RAW and would not even if I could get out to do some serious photography.  W10 for me is never a problem for speed to process images. I can flip from W10 images -open up in Serif  in seconds–process in Serif as quick as you like. Worth a read .


    Ian McNab

    Haha! About $2000 of the total went on the display+stand and a speaker unit (must like his music to sound good while he spends hours editing 11,000 photos!); and a fair lump of the rest went on a couple of 1Tb SSD drives (2 x 1Tb SSDs??? Was that really necessary for photo-editing?) and the fancy case with water-cooling system. None of which did a great deal to speed up Lightroom – could’ve saved himself nearly half the total cost!

    But the point is that Lightroom – and a lot of other photo-editing applications – are inherently slow. They have to do a lot – and I mean a LOT – of complex maths in order to render the fancy changes that digital photographers like to make to images.

    The more – and the more complex – things you do in post-processing, the longer it all takes.




    Quite right Ian , I am sure you would agree that making  big work load demands on a computer it makes sense to ensure the computer is up to the job. My point being, people having problems with these programmes maybe expecting to much from their own particular computer. 

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