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    Paul Hill

    I’ve finally just updated my LR and I’m a bit confused if I’ve updated correctly. I am a monthly subscriber and didn’t fully understand the two seperate LR’s that now seem to be available.

    I have just updated and I’ve been asked to upgrade my LR catalog which is sometjing I’ve not been asked following previous upgrades. The options are ‘Update’ or ‘Choose a different catalog’ I assume that I select ‘update’ but don’t want to lose my existing catalog.










    I’ve only updated on my laptop, which I use for processing usually only when I am away from base. I don’t remember stopping to think about that, so it must have been a plain “update”. If anyone selected “another catalog” they would immediately be asked where it was and that would pull you up.

    You will have chosen Classic.


    Ian McNab

    [Following a phone conversation with Paul, I remembered that when LR upgrades your catalogue, it does not over-write your existing one, but creates a new upgraded copy with a different name. I’ve edited this post to take note of this.]

    Hi Paul

    There are now two versions of LR, both of them ‘subscription only’. Lightroom CC is an entirely internet-based ‘software as a service’ application that runs on Adobe’s servers while you’re using it. Lightroom Classic is an update to the old standalone LR that runs on your computer; but it now only keeps running if you’re putting money in the Adobe meter every month; and it is, in effect, Version 7 of the old LR. (Version 6 will get a couple of updates – LR 6.6 and LR 6.7 – but will then not be updated, and will eventually stop working when an operating system update changes Windows or Mac in some way that no longer supports LR 6.)

    Anyway, it sounds like you’re using Lightroom Classic (or ‘LR 7’, as we might call it). And it also sounds like the software has been updated so that it has a slightly different way of handling the catalogue, which is why it wants to update your old catalogue.LR usually asks to update the catalogue for each major upgrade of LR from LR4 to LR5 to LR6, so there’s nothing odd about this. (I’ve normally said ‘Yes’ to the ‘Upgrade your existing catalogue’ request.)

    There’s no need to be concerned about this – let it go ahead: it leaves your old catalogue in place, and creates an updated version of it with a new name. It even lets you adjust this name to one that suits you better than the default offer, which is simply to add something like ‘-1’ to your existing catalogue name. (I suggest you use something like LR7-catalogue.lrcat, for example.)

    Hope this helps.


    Pete Robinson

    Personally I don’t like the idea of working in the cloud as it’s dependent on your internet link. If it’s poor or drops out you can’t use Lightroom and them there’s the security issue as well. Uploading many large files could also take a long time. It’s also a bit of of a worry that Ian says that Lightroom Classic won’t be updated and will eventually stop working. I might look around for an alternative.


    Ian McNab

    Peter >>> Properly speaking, it’s LR 6.x that won’t be updated beyond 6.7  (‘Lightroom Classic’ is the name that Adobe has given to its successor, which is in effect LR 7.0). But I take your point, and I’ve been looking round for a replacement for the inevitable day when an OS update causes LR6 to stop working.

    The most promising alternative I’ve come across is Luminar 2018. It appears to have all the editing capabilities of Lightroom and more (where ‘more’ includes, for example, Layers, Masks and Blending Modes); it runs on PC or Mac; and in the New Year it will get a Digital Asset Management module that will be able to work with Lightroom Catalogues. It looks seriously worth considering.




    I don’t think the cloud version of Lr is even a starter at present. The extra charge for the storage is too high anyway but we amateurs would surely not require the facilities it offers.

    Classic will do for me – I am pleased to hear Adobe are getting some realistic competition, it would be a bad thing for them to gain a monopoly.

    The only thing that concerns me is the new processing standard. It will take a while to grow into that and its effects on your existing pictures will need keeping a look out for. They last changed in 2012.


    Ian McNab

    John said: The only thing that concerns me is the new processing standard. It will take a while to grow into that and it’ affects on your existing pictures will need keeping a look out for. They last changed in 2012.

    For anyone who’s concerned about this, it’s useful to know that when Adobe introduces a major upgrade (eg LR3>LR4>LR6) there’s often a change to, among other things, the way RAW files are processed and how the Develop Module alters files, often with new features and sliders. To make sure that pictures processed with earlier version of the software don’t get messed up, Adobe provides a ‘process version’ configuration for each major revision of LR, and allows you to decide whether you want to apply it to any older picture that you may decide to re-edit.

    You don’t have to apply the new process version to your older image files, though you can do so if you wish. Of course, you’ll almost certainly want to apply the latest process version to any new photographs that you’re importing for the first time, so that you can use all the latest editing features.

    There’s a useful summary of all the ins and outs in a recently updated article here.

    For anyone interested in how to do backups of LR, or in where it keeps its various files by default, there’s a useful summary with information and links here.





    DIGITAL CAMERAS are so sophisticated there is no need to take out a mortgage for software. If I had to take out a mortgage for software in the clouds,I would question my ability with the camera.



    It costs £10 each month-until they increase the price.  You cannot be serious. Buying my Panasonic  dmc-fz 1000 I really would liked to have the Leica version. Both Panasonic and Leica exactly the same but Leica £300 more as it includes LR—-had that before with another camera also previous PS free? with another camera. Uninstalled them both as poor performance compared to my Serif  PhotoPlus 9   –cost £45 and keep forever.

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