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    Oh the underground-it does evoke nostalgia.   Very  good perspectives( when are you up before the beak)



    When they catch me Ken! 😉



    Though I would sneak another in before the end of the month.


    Young love perspective.


    Ian McNab

    Ah, you do have a different perspective at that age! 😉


    Ian McNab

    Folks >>> Dee mentions it’s nearly the end of the month. I’ve noticed that we haven’t really been bothering with three bits of the “rules” (or whatever we want to call them!) for the Monthly Theme activity. These are

    1. You should chose one [of your photos] as a ‘final entry’ – the one you think is your best image that month. Edit the title of your chosen image so it looks like this:
    “Month” Entry – “Title”        (e.g. December Entry – Santa Comes To Town).
    …The point of choosing a ‘final entry’ is to practise judging your own work objectively.

    2. Add notes under your images to help others understand how you made them: camera, lens, focal length, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, flash lighting scheme, special conditions.

    3. Once you’ve posted a least one image for the month’s theme, please view and critique as many other entries as possible.

    Very few people have ever done the first two; and none of us keeps to the practice of posting a picture before we comment on others’ work.

    I don’t have strong feelings about these”rules”. Seeing as no one is keeping to them, I guess we don’t find them useful. So shall we just delete them from the guidance?



    I think that as we are not exactly overloaded with people contributing images that we have as few rules as possible and make it as easy to post as we can Ian.  Just getting an image on here has been an achievement to newbies. It can be left to the poster to include as much or as little info as they care to.  We can always ask if there is anything we want to know.



    The monthly theme is great and long may it continue!


    1)    I support rule 2 only but feel it should also include info’ such as where shot, time of day, what prompted the photographer to shoot it or anything else the photographer feels


    2)    I feel it would also be useful to have some guidance not only on judging but of a sort of rating when making a comment (difficult but I feel worth the effort).

    Such as:- comments should be mainly about how the image could be improved, then it could be given a score or rating.

    3)    It also seems to me, we need to encourage greater involvement with the web site in general by all members not just the current handful.


    Yes there are two subjects here, so over to you Mac if you want to move these items to other places on the site.


    Ian McNab

    Mmm… two diametrically different responses to my post so far: Dee wants things as simple as possible;  Dennis wants even more info and a rating scale!

    Unless we get more responses, I’m going to have to make an executive decision tomorrow morning! 😉

    (Dennis >>> All suggestions about how to encourage greater involvement with the web site in general by all members not just the current handful will be very gratefully received!  But giving a £10 gift token with every post from someone who hasn’t posted before is sadly not an option! 😉 )



    I do agree exif information is important and interesting … however most of us have found it preferable not to add it for whatever reason. For me it just takes so much longer.  There are already quite a few steps to getting your pictures on the forum. I am positive that having made a huge effort this month to post more images … that I would have put on much less if data and comments / notes were compulsory.

    I wouldn’t wish to always put where I took an image.

    Because only a handful of us use the site at the moment, any image added can stimulate activity from others so I still think leave it as simple as possible while leaving rule 2 optional.  If the site ever gets really busy the rules could be souped up a bit to keep everyone under control.

    I will happily make an effort to add the required info … but it is easy enough for someone to show enough interest to ask  ‘what shutter speed / iso / f stop ‘  did you use.  At least this is a response which stimulates more posts and shows the author of the image that someone has viewed it and wishes to know more.

    If I did put an image on and the only interest was in whether I had broken any rules … I would be pretty ticked off!  😯

    By the way the LCPU forum seems pretty dead.  We are actually busier than they are.  Forum membership is closed to new people and the current ones are not posting.  Maybe it is a summer thing?



    Ian McNab

    OK folks. My inclination is to make rules 1 and 2 optional for now, and see how we get on.

    Regarding adding information to images, this can be optional, but we should all feel free to ask for any information that would help us understand the meaning of the picture or the techniques used to create it.

    And we’ll just forget rule 3, eh?  (In practice, we have already done so anyway!)

    Right, on to June…





    Ok Ian. If all of us make as much effort as we can to include exif data whenever possible I am sure that will work.

    I have to say that the info is becoming less relevent as the difference even a little post processing of  raw and jpeg files makes to an image means it bears little resemblence to what those settings actually achieved in camera.

    This is why in Morticia for instance there was no point in adding settings info.  This contains 2 layers and the background has been darkened plus dodging and burning. In a more straight image I will try to add more info as long as it did not substantially delay posting it.  At least now we can edit the post days later.

    I doubt there is much we can do to improve usage until next season.  I will suggest to the committee that new members are supported at meetings. Possibly the forum folk and the new Committee members could handle this and also encourage use of the forum.  We should analyse what they want / expect from the club and if they get it.  If they choose not to stay we should know why.

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