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    Pete Robinson

    The theme for April is now closed.

    The theme for May 2016 is


    Post your images as replies to this post. (Make sure you’ve read the Guidelines first, but ignore the restriction on when the photograph can be taken..)

    As a special treat this month we’ve decided to allow you to submit any photographs you’ve taken with warm as the theme without any restriction on when it was taken.

    Now the weather is slowly getting warmer as summer approaches it’s a good time to think how you can interpret warmth.Show us what you can come up with. 

    If anyone wants to see Ian’s document on uploading images to a post, please follow this link:-

    Ian’s document on uploading images


    meg cumming



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    Pete Robinson

    Here are 3 old photos I took at last years Lions bonfire night.



    Pete Robinson

    I took a few photos at the Marbury Merry Days last Saturday which was a warm day in serveral ways.

    This poor dog has his tail on fire!

    I liked the warm colours in this photo

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