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    Ian McNab

    Some discussion in another section of the CPS forum got me thinking about galleries. I’ve assumed that members would use a Public gallery to showcase their best work – a kind of portfolio, you might call it.  And they might create different public galleries for different kinds of work: one for colour, one for BW say;  or separate galleries for nature, portraits, landscape, street photography or whatever.

    But what about Private galleries? How might we use those?

    Our site is not set up to store members’ entire image collections.  Our hosting service allows us a reasonable amount of space for image files, but it’s not like ImageShack or Flickr.  So I hope no one is planning to store hundreds of their photos in a private gallery! (We’d surely have to do something about it if anyone tried!)

    Rather, I guess I’ve been thinking of private galleries as places that members might keep the images they want to insert in forum posts or replies, or in comments on news items.

    Of course, folk may already be storing these images on a storage site like ImageShack, Flickr, Picassa or whatever (there are loads of such sites on the net); so there’s no need to duplicate them on this site.  But a private gallery on your CPS profile could be a handy place to put images that you might want to post on the Critique Requests forum, or use in some other message, if you aren’t already storing them elsewhere on the Internet.

    Anyway, those are some of my thoughts about how we might use Public and Private galleries.  What are your thoughts about public and private galleries?



    meg cumming

    As you say Ian,  many of us use various on line photo sites to show case our work. Crewe Photographic Society should make sure that its members are aware of this limited capacity. Though I am sure we are all able to limit what we put on the private members galleries and not abuse those priviledges. If the CPS wants to restrict what is stored on its Private members galleries, then they should say catergorically how much is allowed and what may by stored. For instance are you saying that only images relevant to Crewe Photographic Society may be stored on its website or not.

    I have no idea how much we are allowed to put on. How many images per week,per month etc is the limit,can you or someone quantify this please. Its an interesting point and am sure more will put their points of view forward.I hope I haven’t sounded as though I’m jumping down anyones throat, but if theres an elephant in the room and no one is discussing it we get nowhere.


    Peter Robinson

    I wouldn’t be surprised if most of our members don’t have images on a web storage site like flickr and may not be interested in setting one up. So to encourage these and to make it as easy as possible to upload images to a forum thread I think it’s a good idea to store images somewhere on the CPS site. Can’t we use our own CPS galleries which have a 100MB limit?


    Ian McNab

    Meg >>> There’s a notice at the top of everyone’s gallery page saying “You have xxx% of your 100Mb space left”.  I just wanted folk to be clear about this limit, and not to be surprised / upset that they can’t use their galleries as general storage space.

    Pete >>> each person is allowed 100Mb total, and can distribute this between whatever public and private galleries they want to set up.

    And just in case anyone hasn’t noticed, there are a few other constraints on file sizes and file types:

    #  no one file can be bigger than 10Mb

    #  only allowed file types are jpg, jpeg, png and gif

    #  we ask folk to keep embedded files to 600-ish px on longest side

    # and, of course, there are the normal rules required by our hosting service: only legal stuff allowed – so no copyright material you don’t own, and no content that would be illegal if found on your own computer


    What I was really wanting to discuss was how we might use  the two kinds of galleries.  As I say, I’ve assumed that we will use our Public galleries as a showcase for the work we’re most proud of; and a Private gallery would be a good place to store images we want to embed in posts on the forum.  (Sorry if I didn’t put this very clearly in my initial post!)

    But is that how you see the difference? Would you think of using your space in any other way?


    meg cumming

    Thanks for the clarification Ian, no my thought was that perhaps unduly that CPS were trying to dictate what we put on our galleries. Now its being cleared up I am quite happy to post images. I think perhaps members may do a revolving display and refresh images every so often. It may attract other photographers to our site if they see the wealth of photographs on the site.



    I have images everywhere

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