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    Pete Robinson

    It was good to see some of our members in the town photographing the Mercian Regiment. They looked immaculate and made me proud to see them. However, I thought the goat stole the centre stage. Sorry lads! Her are a few of my snaps to get us started:


    meg cumming

    Love the images Pete, but don’t tell the Ram you called it a Goat! The Ram  a solider in its own right was perfect on the day and I do think its a scene stealer. You certainly got better angles than me. Certainly great set of photographs worthy of the Regiment.

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    Ian McNab

    Is that our own Sharon in the background of the first photo, Peter?


    Pete Robinson

    Thanks for correcting me Meg and apologises to Private Derby, the ram. Here’s some notes about the star player:-

    Private Derby, a Swaledale ram, is the official mascot of the Mercian Regiment. He was the mascot of the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment which inherited Private Derby from a predecessor regiment, the Sherwood Foresters, which in turn inherited him from The 95th Derbyshire Regiment. Private Derby became the mascot of the Mercian Regiment when it was formed in 1 September 2007. The ram mascot is a central part of the Regiment’s history and tradition and its association with the home counties of its predecessor regiments. It is a symbol of pride for the Regiment and is extremely popular with the public when it makes appearances.

    Yes Ian, that’s our Sharon. Well spotted.

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