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    Now for mirrorless camera owners this “manual” lens will be a joy. The SAMYANG  21mm   1.4.   Be sure the image quality will be stunning.Have a look at the reviews. Less than £300. Fittings for Sony etc and whats that other brand—er– Fuggi   or Fugi ah Fuji (LOL) 

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    No, it is fungi Ken. I found a wonderful variety on my lawn yesterday.

    Incidentally Fujifilm have a new lens out today – the 34mm f2 – designed to be compact and light. Since I have the 35mm F1.4 and a Leica 35mm f2 I will not be buying but it offers a good partner to anything in the range if you want compact kit. It weighs far less than the Leica 35mm (though about the same size).

    The also have a converter (x1.4) but only for the big zoom lens.

    Why did they announce it today? Well yesterday Leica announced a new camera – a massive mirrorless jobbie and Fuji were just drawing some fire. The Leica is £5,000, body only.

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    YEA been loooking at the spec of the new Leica——( temptation—get thee behind me satan).

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