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    MAN MADE MIST——see how this looks Ian.Bit brighter.


    Ian McNab

    Mist from a computer, Ken? 😉

    A bit dark and heavily vignetted to my eye, I fear.



    ITS MY NEW SYLE IAN–hoping it will catch on.Looks a bit dark now on my laptop.————Quite right Ian far too dark.


    meg cumming

    Might be a be dark Ken but the top one is the one I’d prefer out of the two.Lighten up the vignette and the darkness  a little, as it has the makings of something nice. Its always good to try something new.


    Peter Robinson

    I like the first one best as well. I like boats. They make great subjects and these have also given you a good arty reflection. Quite a relaxing peaceful shot you can look at for ages. I also like the positions of the boats that become one form.

    I read a good techinque for generating mist in photoshop is to create a new layer, dab some soft greyish blobs for your mist. Apply the ‘render cloulds’ filter, then play around with the layer blend options until you find one that works. It’s a bit hit and miss and you have to experiment a bit until it’s right for your main subject.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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