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    Mobile Phone Images



    Should we as a Photographic club be encouraging the use of mobile phones to take images, I think we should. Most people today have a mobile that will take an image, so as another source of possible members can we tap into that recourse.

    Mobile phones today are capable of producing extremely good quality images; these could be used as a class in PDI competitions and so encourage new members who do not have state of the art cameras.

    The criteria for judging these images could be on Composition and Content but not on technical quality.

    This may seem a bit hair brained but it was said that digital cameras would never usurp film cameras.





    You will be to young to remember Wallace–I can remember    when ” colour ” will never take off. There are several forums with a section for mobile phones  images.



    A photo is a photo by what ever means, is it not?

    The fact that some only have basic stuff and a very small budget and dont ever have a chance against the top quality equipment and lenes, but it should not put you off taking and looking for that perfect shot, the more you take the better the chance be it an SLR or a mobile phone.



    I don’t see anything in the rules to say what the photos have to be taken WITH!

    The trick is getting round the problem that you will be competing with full frame, noise free, super-detailed images. There are ways of doing that!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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