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    Some of us were discussing mount board last week.

    Spectrum sell the Pinnacle mount board. I have just found their sample pack of card.

    The Hayseed is whiter than the Off-White that I presently use and the texture is bi-directional (little squares) rather than lined,  but I am keen to try it as an alternative.

    We can have the “10-rate” discount on a mixed order and that will save the equivalent of the postage.

    Have a look at . I am looking to buying 10 packs and offering them at cost.

    1 black and 3 hayseed requested so far (from D). I would like at least 3 hayseed, so we are nearly there.

    They are not a Warwick on Saturday.

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    Pete Robinson

    I don’t really need any bounting board at the moment as I bought some from Hobbycraft when Sharon told us about their sale. However, I thought I’d check out their website and as you know I’m easily confused. It says:

    Pinnacle Hayseed Textured Mountboard 500x400mm 1400mic

    10 sheets – Neutral off white board with texture – cream core
    Buy 1 for £8.99
    Buy 10 for £7.99 each
    All prices exclusive of VAT

    So for 10 400×500 sheets it costs £79 plus VAT and postage?  I thought that was a bit dear so I did a bit of surfing and found this offer at KSC (whoever they are):
    Top quality board with neutral pH and acid-free backing paper. Excellent cutting ability (beveledge). Will accept watercolour wash lines. A1, 841mm x 594mm, 1400 microns (1.4mm) thick. Pk 10. fo £17.29 plu VAT. I don’t know what the quality is like ofcourse. Don’t forget that you can cut 2 500×400 boards from a A1 sheet.

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    That is about the same, because you would get 2 40 by 50 s out of   big sheet. And postage?

    The Pinnacle stuff is not dirt cheap by any means but I think offers a reasonable deal. The trouble is postage because it remains the same no matter how many you buy. If we can order 10 packs we will get the discount and the postage is only about 70p per packet. From memory that means 8.90 per 10, which is cheaper than Alexanders.

    At the same time I would say that I have had very good service from Alexanders and would recommend them but you now need to order and I liked the idea of trying something new.



    I HAVE POSTED THESE DETAILS PREVIOUSLY. I have used them and are in every respect first class.  No idea how the price compares–but mounts will be perfectly cut to your spec. just click through the options.  PICTURELIZARD—–No more cutting mounts–all done to perfection–mixed orders–why worry about saving a bob or two–ready made and no waste.Excellent service.————EXAMPLE   30    WITH 20X16  (old money)    aperature (how is it spelt–the hole in middle)   less than £4 each.   200  less than  £2 each.PICTURELIZARD—leave the stress behind.—click on made to measure.



    Yes, and there is Cotswold Mounts too with whom a number of members have been satisfied but these Spectrum people have started sponsoring the major club events and so they do come to ones attention. They also  do papers and are now sponsoring Adrian Lines and Christine Widdall ( though Christine is not allowed to mention their paper since she is also sponsored by Permajet). 



    “So for 10 400×500 sheets it costs £79 plus VAT and postage?”

    Pete, the £7.99 price is per pack of 10 400×500 sheets … not per individual sheet. I rang the company to make sure.

    £79 plus vat +postage is for 10 packs of 10 ie 100 boards (the equivalent of 50 A1 sheets cut down)

    Ten 400×500 boards will cost £7.99 + vat ( makes it £9.59 split postage (£6.95) if a few of us buy and we get the quantity discount.  These are already cut to size and just need the print sticking to them so no cutting required.

    With the vat and postage ten packs of 10 (enough to mount 100 prints) will come to £102.85 which means £1.03 to flat mount one print inc vat and postage.

    The huge advantage for me is that it is pre cut to 400×500

    Meg and I were buying 10 huge A1 sheets and cutting two mounts from each at a cost of about £28 for 10 sheets inc postage.  By comparison that cost £1.40 to flat mount one print and we had to manually cut each large sheet into 2 x 400×500 during which we almost came to blows as one cut and one held the ruler and the board down! 😉

    So we save money and time and have the worst bit of the job is done for us. I have made a jig to position the prints so that is easier.

    The reason for flat mounting is mainly one of cost for me as a window mount doubles the cost of entering each print. Both Meg and I did pretty well. She was 13th in LCPU annual ind mono prints and I was 14th in the colour print section, so it hasn’t had a negative effect on our results. You have to do what you can afford in order to take part.

    I think your A1 boards are a good deal Pete if the post is free and you enjoy cutting them out yourself. I can’t find the company to check. If postage has to be paid I think they work out slightly dearer …. but not having to cut to size at £1.03 to mount a print wins hands down for me.

    Maybe Darren would be interested as he paid a fortune to get Minimal Defence mounted? Mervin … do you do prints or fancy having a go?:-)

    I do think it would be good if the club purchased some as stock because it would definitely make it easier for newbies to get into print. Space to handle and cut down large A1 boards, tools and cost of board can be issues which prevent people from giving it a go. Pre-cut to size means all you need is double sided tape and your print.

    With 3 Print competitions and the Maurice Ashwin that is 24 prints to mount to complete the season.

    To me: Old Cost was £33.60 @ £1.40 per mount  ……    New Cost £24.72 @ £1.03 per mount.

    There is of course also printing to pay for.  DSColour labs usually work out at about £1 – 1.15p plus vat per print and £3.99 per order delivery for those thinking of giving it a try.

    As a guide a seasons work with these boards would probably realistically costs around £60 – £70 (allowing for the odd naff print or reorder) depending on how organised and frugal you are about printing so as to avoid extra del costs.



    In the dark days all exhibits were ” flat mounted”—previous to resin coated papers we used  dry mount tissue –placed between print and mount and ironed with a warm iron to adhere-it was clean and permanent.  While resin coated paper reduced washing times –mounting was never the same. So along came the window idea for ease of mounting.   Should be nothing wrong with flat mount and should be encouraged–mounted neat and clean  and square–judges would have no right to comment–their job is the photo.


    Pete Robinson

    Many thanks for putting me right on that D. I didn’t think they could be that dear. As I said I’m easily confused! It sounds a good idea for the club to bulk buy and sell to interested members. It’s useful to have some board in stock and like you say you don’t have the trouble of cutting it to size.

    Ken, I used to use Cow Glue to mount my prints. I used to get confused even then and asked for Pig Glue when I went to buy it. Not good!

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    After all this discussion, please note that Spectrum will NOT be at Warwick tomorrow, so I will not be committing to anything yet!

    BTW do note that Alexanders at Dagfields will cut the large sheets for you to make 40 x 50s. You can go along, select your board and they will cut it – but not on the spot as they used to – they have a better guillotine at their other premises and that is where they have to cut it. It means 2 journeys. There is a single rate, 10 rate and a 100 rate for the sheets. Unfortunately I don’t recall the prices exactly and they are not listed on their website. but they are good.

    Other members use Baron Arts, also at Dagfields.

    Hobbycraft have offers from time to time.

    So there is plenty of choice!!!



    To complete this thread; we bought 10 packs of the Spectrum paper and were very pleased with the service – delivery arrangements couldn’t be better. The card itself is slightly thinner than the Colourmount and also harder, requiring a bit more effort to push the blade and also causing noticeable wear. These things don’t matter for flat mounting. On balance the Paper Spectrum mountboard wins on delivery and we like the few finishes they have chosen. I would say another possibility as a supplier rather than better than Alexanders or Cotswold.

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