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    Martin McGing

    Trying to get a clean shot of a mountain biker that does not look static is not easy.  If you then add into the mix strong midday sun and limited access to the course, it becomes a real challenge.  The image below was taken at the recent Aske Moor cross country event and features the Elite Women winer Evie Richards.  The course is marked with white plastic tape and its a challenge to find a location that does not have any in view.  Still it was an enjoyable day in beautiful countryside and I know what I need to do to next time to create some interesting images.

    Evie Richards



    Dappled light looks pretty to the eye but it can be a nightmare to photograph! I have had a look at this image in mono and it makes the foreground better but the background worse. I think some selective work my well bring the rider out more – it is just a matter of whether that can be managed and still keep the quality up to your high printing standards.

    Having said all that I think it is a good shot!



    I find particularly admirable with this is the fact it has taken considerable photographic skill . The tapes are par for the course–perhaps airbrushing out a few in the foreground. The acid test –for me–is would the rider commend this -and no doubt she would. We see now in the digital era so many superb and exotic images that blow you away. But often requiring little skill, just sit and shoot. Focus-timing -exposure all well executed, as the rider is going at a fair pace.


    Martin McGing

    I can say with a degree of confidence that, yes she was going very fast! Selecting a shutter speed that results in no motion blur on the rider but gives sufficient blur on the tyres is not easy.  However, I think that the experience I gained on this event will be hugely beneficial for the next round of this series. I just hope it’s a bright overcast day!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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