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    Last Saturday presented many photo opportunities in and around Nantwich, some are below for your thoughts.


    Canon EOS 1100D, EF-S 18-135mm, 113mm, f/9.5, Tv 1/180, ISO 100, Natural Light


    St Mary’s, Nantwich

    Canon EOS 1100D, EF-S 18-135mm, 18mm, f/13, Tv 1/90, ISO 100, Natural Light


    Stage Door

    From one of the last posts in “Multiple Focus Points” I wonder if Peter Robinson was also photographing the same band “Blozone”, Peter I would have said hello but I don’t know what you look like, sorry.

    Canon EOS 1100D, EF-S 18-135mm, 64mm, f/5.6, Tv 1/125, ISO 250, Natural Light



    Ian McNab

    I like the colour of your St Mary’s photo.  The rather golden / orange stone contrasts well with the very blue sky, as blue and orange are complementary colours – directly opposite each other on the colour wheel.  (Maybe the green roof is a bit too saturated for this colour palette, and slightly off-kilter in terms of the colour wheel?)

    Not sure about the composition of the other two photos – they’re a bit busy, with no element that predominates by its contrast with the background or by relative position in the frame, so it’s not clear what the subject is specifically, or how we are to ‘read’ the pictures.

    With the St Mary’s image, the wide angle lens and low, ‘looking upwards’, point of view create a dramatic sense of the architecture soaring upwards – very appropriate for a church, eh?!


    meg cumming

    First of all Dennis well done on getting the images posted to the correct size,(something I have I’ve lost). I do prefer your St Marys as well as it has a lot going for it. Having being there on Monday I know it was a nightmare trying to capture a good compostion.

    The stage door was a good idea, but I think if you had managed to get just one focal point,perhaps a solo band member framed in the doorway it would have been more successful. I don’t know if you have any from the front, either close ups or of a few band members, which might have made a better choice. I know myself I’m useless at picking my best shots to post or enter for comps. If it weren’t for other members I’d be lost. So keep posting and keep learning.



    Thanks guys, glad you like the church.

    The other two although a bit busy were about capturing two breakdown trucks briefly blocking the road at a moment in time (the yellow truck had just started to move off) and the view through the stage door I thought was just an unusual view point with the shadows behind.

    Meg, yes I do have some shots of the group from the front and will post them by request.


    Peter Robinson

    Hi Dennis, Sorry I missed you on Saturday. Blozone were great and put on a good show. All your photos look a bit over saturated on my PC with very rich colours. I think it suits the church best and I like the close up low angle which gives it a dramatic effect. It’s my favourite of your 3. I stayed in front of the stage and managed to get a pretty good spot near the front. I was probably the annoying guy who got in your way! I managed to get some fun pictures on Saturday and enjoyed it so much I went back on Monday for another fix! These shots were taken on the Saturday. It would be good to see other members shots to see how different our photos are.



    Peter you’ve have captured the mood really well, the detail is really good, I didn’t realise the trumpet player had a microphone on his instrument.

    I do tend to prefer strong vibrant colours (my personal preference), having said that I noticed your two middle photo’s have some very red lips almost as thought the male singer is wearing lipstick but not only was there the problem of high contrast from black to white there were coloured lights facing our cameras.


    Peter Robinson

    Thanks for your kind comments Dennis. I’ll have to carefully paint out the microphone as it looks a bit odd.


    D. Williams

    I like the 3rd one best Pete.  The dancing couple. Great expressions. It was really hard to catch the dancers this year as there wasn’t a large dancing central area due to a badly placed barrier.  I think yours are much better exposed than mine.  Very clear detail and true to life colours.


    D. Williams

    Dennis, I like the St Mary’s shot best.  Interesting angle which has avoided any bystanders who may have got in the way plus you also get a nice bit of sky.  I would be tempted to clone out or just shorten the twig / branch which is touching the spire on the left so it  doesn’t touch.



    Re’ the church shot, I do tend to go around with my eyes on the roof  lines looking  for interesting buildings and the two things that struck me were the colours plus the sense of strength, solidity and history the building portrays.


    Peter Robinson

    These shots of the ‘Jake Leg Jug Band’ were taken on the top floor of the Crown Inn in Nantwich. The group were lit by high, dim purple lights that made photographing them very difficult. As flash would have destroyed the atmosphere I decided to try using an ISO setting of 6400. After processing the colour balance in PS it gives an acceptable image for the monitor. However, it is quite grainy and noisy and I wouldn’t like to print it. I was pleasantly surprised how well it came out considering the conditions it was taken under and the high ISO used.
    This is how the original RAW file looked unprocessed:

    This how PhotoShop managed to recover it. It is still very grainy and noisy however.

    I’ve put some more Nantwich Music festival shots on my flickr site at: if you want a peep.

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