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    We have already discussed here certain things which cause confusion in comparing sensor sizes.

    Today I saw a new one. Fuji describe their new 90 mm lens has having a 0.30 “equivalent” magnifiication. Usually, the magnification refers to the maximum size of the object as rendered on the sensor compared to the real size. Macro lenses usually have a magnification of 1.0, meaning that the object can be rendered life size.

    So, what is the actual magnification of the 90? Well, er,  an unremarkable 0.2 x.

    Can you see how this could be translated into .3? The Fuji sensor is 1.5 x crop.



    YES ALL TRUE—-HOWEVER—-Many of us register in our minds the “equivalence” with our old 35mm. In fact whatever the crop factor we move forward or back to get the image onto the sensor we have and no need to consider the theory, just take the picture. I have just been trying a x2 converter on my 500mm lens with the Canon 40d. Now with that kit what is the magnification compared to 35mm. Quite good it is as well. This small card –or part of–at 3.75 metres across the room.This type face image is twice the original size.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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