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    A lens hood certainly needed is not with the kit–a big 95mm lens up front needs a lens hood.£35 big A–£12 –Hong Kong-so the latter . Samyang also make a 2X TELECONVERTER for my 500mm lens. Giving me 1000mm –but with the cropped sensor actual focal length will be about 1,600 mm. Have seen test shots of a church taken half mile away and ok. Not for professionals or serious club work these–but a bit of a must have gadget.This is a good piece of gear from Samyang to compliment the lens with multi coated lenses and T2 fit.The big cons are difficulty focussing-keeping steady–and more—a bit more fun for summer and ordered to be delivered Weds. this week.Will post some examples.———————TRACKING—ordered today -been dispatched and delivered tomo–happy Monday ken.



    John”s article today about sharpness hits the nail on the head of the importance of good camera settings in the first instance. Still experimenting with my Mirror lens.These are never a match for the real thing–but this one is not bad. It will produce sharp images–not fine sharp like a quality lens but not bad. The big problem is getting the focus spot on and no use without. This today at 20 yards—the reduced file size cannot give an accurate representation. On the full file size the little white letters at the very top are sharp legible.



    Ordered a UV filter for my new 500mm Mirror lens—-95mm filter—a whopper—ordered Friday-coming today. Needed for the long distance photography.Bit pricey these large filters.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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