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    Hi all,

    Thanks for making me feel so welcome in the meetings. I look forward to becoming a fully fledged member tomorrow. In the mean time can you please let me know what you think of my initial attempts – please be gentle ūüôā


    Ian McNab

    Hi Susan! Really good to see you posting some pictures.

    ‘Madely v Cheadle’ captures a moment of action really well, and conveys the sense of effort and challenge.

    You were a bit unlucky that there’s a player just behind the two main figures, as he distracts a bit from the main action.¬†One way that people deal with the problem of distractions in the background is to use a telephoto lens at a big aperture (f/2.8 if the lens goes that wide, or f/4 or whatever the maximum is for your lens). That puts the background out of focus, so that it doesn’t intrude so much.

    Another thing you might try with your picture, to get a similar effect of removing background that you don’t need, would be to turn it into portrait format – something like this, perhaps…

    …so that the important figures fill much more of the frame, which makes them more attention-getting. (You might be able to do this when taking the picture, by getting closer or by zooming in with a zoom lens; but I know that’s not always possible.)

    You did a good job capturing this exciting moment in the fast-moving action. Photographing sports is pretty technical stuff, and getting the timing right – as you have done here – is really important. Great stuff!

    (Apologies, by the way, for editing your photo without asking, but I couldn’t find away of describing what I meant in words that conveyed¬†the idea clearly.)




    Thanks very much for the feedback, it’s very much appreciated. I don’t mind you editing the photos, I can see what you mean and it would be better to get the 2 in the frame alone.


    meg cumming

    Welcome to Club Susan and for being brave in entering images. I do like your sports shot and would have like Ian suggested cropping the image in to Portrait format. It makes for a stronger image, you have caught that action well with no blurring so well done you.

    I like your Misty Manchester image. Getting the balance of darks and lights can be tricky, but once you learn to handle that you can work your way around it. To long to explain here.

    Look forward to seeing you at meetings.



    Thanks Meg.


    Pete Robinson

    Hello Susan and welcome to the forum. It’s great to see a new ‘face’ on the forum. You’ll get plenty of friendly advice here.

    I agree with the others that you’ve caught the action well with the footy shot. Good action and frozen. Full marks for going out in this cold weather to take some photos. I like the atmosphere created in the foggy pictures. The moon is a bit bright so it looks like you’ve used a general exposure. Just try to meter for the moon and lock that in camera or shoot manually change the exposure until you get some detail in the moon. Learn by experience.



    Welcome Susan—I am the clubs biggest critic—for constructive value. Your photo”s are “wonderful” well done-In fact very good indeed. Look –listen and be your own critic.KEN



    I think the football shot, as Ian has cropped it, is really good. It captures a great moment, I love the way the three players and the goalie are in a diagonal line. Most of all the overall  look and feel of the picture, colour rendering in particularly is absolutely charming.

    Ian’s comment about the lens is OK if you are after a typical sports shot but what you have ¬†there is more appealing, it captures the atmosphere so nicely.

    Picture 2 has atmosphere too, of a different kind. The print needs a tiny bit of straightening up but I like the way you have included the two figures which draw our attention along that right hand side.

    The last image is very brave indeed, very adventurous. Whatever you do, please , please don’t loose that character in your work. The left side needs cropping and the moon is a tad too bright, distracting us from the lovely way the bushes are lit. You might well be able to do something about that.

    These are a very exciting start, original and a little raw but very promising.

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