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    A number of people have now tried the Dropbox facility for entering our competitions and it appears to work like a dream. It will mean you will be posting your files straight into the competition folder. It will avoid the possibility of your photos being compressed or renamed by your email system and will assure you that your entries have been made correctly. From my end I will not have to send out emails replying to the entries, nor will I have to  download each entry from the individual emails and make sure they are saved and none go astray.

    It would have been even better had you been able to upload whole folders but, well, you can’t have everything!

    I may be able to automatically send out reminder emails at intervals up to the closing time. We can also use the facility to collect pictures for open evenings etc. If we have more than one competition going at a time it should be able to cope with that too, but you will need to take care which folder you put them in!

    Looking forward to giving it a try.

    Thanks Ian, Martin, Meg, Bob, Wallace and Peter for helping to try it out


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