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    Ian McNab

    The theme for September is now closed.

    The theme for October 2014 is

    Remembrance of times past

    Post your images as replies to this post. (Make sure you’ve read the Guidelines first.)

    If you wish, you can treat this month’s theme literally; but you may also want to think more symbolically, metaphorically or creatively. You may find you need to try a few things out before your imagination gets to work. That’s OK: just keep posting your pictures as your ideas develop!

    Remember – only post photos taken this month, between 1 Oct and 31 Oct 2014


    That really is a nice and very interesting challenge Ian–should bring some good photo”s in.



    Well Ian–this theme does evoke memories–chose one from my collection—-the noise–the smell of cordite—but above all the loyalty and comradeship—–this this would be literally.??Used my Leica V-Lux for this on macro setting–a rare thing for me. My Samsung battery flat which also of course ruled out the Macro lens and ring light.–Isay ring “light” as it has flash settings–but for this sort of desk top work its easier to use the continuas light setting and does not fit the Leica.


    Ian McNab

    Good start, Ken! I think you’re right that it’s sort of literal if we think of the medal itself that was given long ago. But isn’t it also symbolic, in the sense that it invites us to think about what the medal was given for?

    Now, how would you also convey the whiff of cordite?.. 😉




    Always bow to your better judgement Ian. Actually only in quite recent years have they dished out these to us–for service long ago. Cordite burning Ian–one whiff of its fragrant aroma–never to be forgotten–LOL.



    I don’t normally write any of the thoughts behind my photos as they’re probably more important to me than anyone else. However, I’m making an exception for these … they were taken at York Railway Museum and remind me of my Grandad who was a dyed-in-the-wool railwayman and an engine driver for 45 years, starting on the steam footplate as a fireman and ending his career as a mainline diesel/electric driver. He told me many tales over the years of his working exploits … he died when I was 21 and I still miss him.


    Times away


     Still awaiting departure


    Locked behind closed doors


    meg cumming

    Mervin I love the way you have used this months theme creatively, you’ve thought outside the box.These remind me of days out and the trips further afield. Three very good images that fill the brief.Love the colour of the second one and the third one I really like as I used to walk around the wagon trains used at Ayr harbour, which were very run down but fantastic to photograph.

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    A really evocative contribution Mervin.  My husband was a top relief signalman and especially his father who sometimes worked as a guard on the Royal train were both died in the wool railman also.  The shiftwork had a way of ruling the structure of families life.   I like the simplicity of the last shot as I find it quite ghostly. It could almost be haunted by the shadowy presence of those who once worked and travelled in the carraige in the days before it fell into disrepair.  Very nice indeed!


    Ian McNab

    I particularly like the last one, Merv – it’s rich in possible meanings and stories, and very evocative. (And it’s black and white, which is always a plus! 😉 )



    Always enjoy railway pics—What day last week were you there Mervin???



    I have to admit to ever so slightly cheating Ken, I was in York with my girlfriend mid August and these images fit the theme so well I couldn’t resist 🙂



    A very special memory yesterday October 3rd. Exactly 40 years that day in 1974 when we bought little Pepe into our lives. A little anecdote , living in Gatley our next door but one neighbor was newly married that lovely man David Davis celeb sports commentator and –of FA fame in Svens days and now often to be seen after the late night news commentating on the days newspapers. David was then the BBC Northern sports and news reader as some will remember. Within this last week or so he was on the late night news paper commentating bit. Our new little dog was just out of quarantine and one early evening was going out for his first walk out ever. Stepping out– David drove into his drive way and called out –what have you got there Ken?? We were still calling our little dog by the kennel name- and picking up this little tiny creature in both hands –said –well you are a lovely little Pepe—and so he was called that for the next 13 years. When ever I see DD on tv this moment comes back so clearly. To care for a dog–Gods greatest privilege to mankind.






    That’s a lovely story Ken, and a lovely photo to go along with it … thanks for sharing.



    …and Talking of Trains

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