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    NICE ONE RALPH—very nice—and you don”t see many of those in Crewe Heritage Centre  (LOL)



    Nice angle Ralph.  I think you caught it at just the right moment. You can’t go far in Crewe without trains coming into the conversation.  It is a wonder that we don’t get more rail images in our competitions.



    Some good entries. This is a good topic which should yield a bumper month of entries. Decrepitude is bread and butter to club photographers, we also have past memories of our own too which some of you have already used. Proust can run to six volumes!

    Here’s my contribution. Holkham Hall last week. Massive walled garden, some parts in need of a bit of attention.



    Ian McNab

    Lovely dilapidation, John! 🙂



    This is class dilapidation–cannnot “Remember” where I am—can you see me—-clue –look for George Clooney look a like!( ok LOL)



    4th row down, 4th from left – that’s George Clooney! or you?



    NOT BAD JOHN–thats Taffe from Wales–George Clooney is—second row down —sixth from right,, thanks for the try  John.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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