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    Tom Seaton

    Old Trophies Never Die.
    Teasing the problem.
    Prompted by the decision of the 2017 AGM earlier in the year to retire the Ladies Cup, I decided to investigate the collection of cups and trophies which were allegedly now ‘defunct’ or ‘retired’ and which resided in my old darkroom – remember darkrooms?
    It was the so called digital revolution which despatched darkrooms almost to oblivion and, I believe, has visited a similar fate to several of our trophies. The glorious Slide competitions were discontinued in 2009, usurped by that brash upstart the Projected Digital Image (PDI) – such a visionary name, you must agree.
    Consequently several of the fine old slide awards became out dated, redundant, obsolete and without awardees to be honoured by them.
    What to do?
    A veritable mass of the presumptuous PDIs would be clamouring for recognition in future League and Annual competitions and there was little in the line of trophies to reward them.
    There was nothing for it but to Recycle.
    So several slide trophies were re-assigned as PDI awards and nobody noticed. Well nobody complained anyway!
    However as the digital print and PDI competition panorama evolved and multiplied, it became not far from obvious that PDI trophies numbered fewer than those awarded for prints so that TUPDI, trade union for PDIs, lobbied for equality.
    A subsequent raid on club funds produced the ‘League Cup Trophy for PDIs’ – such a visionary name, you must agree – to be awarded to the overall winner of all PDI colour classes.
    This went down very well, so well that more were demanded until finally a further six PDI trophies appeared, donated to the club by the Secretary and his wife at that time. (Secretary of the club at that time not his wife at that time. No she was his wife at the time. Oh never mind.)
    These replaced some of the recycled trophies and rewarded winners in newer PDI competition classes.
    Print competition trophies were less affected, since it was easier to re-assign old print trophies without recourse to re-engraving or replacement. Anomalies projected sharply, however.
    The cup inscribed for the ‘Mono Photographer of the Year’, now goes to the general colour class league winner. The monochrome ‘Photographer of the Year’ however has always been well awarded with a more handsome and older trophy (1950), ‘The Dr. Marcus Liddle Cup’.
    An even greater, screeching anomaly occurred with the cup now presented for ‘Print of the Year’ was previously awarded to the winner of the overall best Slide performance of the season. But it too is a handsome trophy and deserves to be used. A newer replacement would not be so attractive and re-inscribing often looks like botched plastic surgery.
    In all, six small cups between two to five inches tall, the Ron Reade Rose Bowl which is inscribed on a
    plaque ‘For the Season’s Advanced Slide Winner’ and ‘The Tom Knight Shield, Beginners Annual Colour
    Print’, remain unused. The small cups are truly redundant but the plaque on the rose bowl could be
    replaced and re-inscribed as could also the Shield.
    Two others are in retirement or archived – ‘The Beginners Cup’ and ‘The Ladies Cup’.
    We do not have a ‘Beginners’ class at the moment so presentation of the cup may be considered as pending
    The Ladies Cup was presented to the club by Mrs. Liddle in memory of her husband. She named it the ‘Dr. Marcus Liddle Memorial Trophy’. Doctor Liddle was the Society’s second President in 1949 and an active member for the rest of his life. Mrs. Liddle stipulated the condition to govern qualification for the award as –
    ‘To be awarded to the Crewe Photographic Society lady member who attains the highest number of points from all competitions she has entered in that year/season.’
    Ah well, it’s gone now.
    Last thoughts – the vote in favour to ‘Retire the Ladies Cup’ is recorded as a resounding 13 out of 21 present at the 2017 AGM, though there is no record of how the 8 others voted. Also, what was the breakdown of the ladies vote?
    As an interested party I voted in favour, by the way, on ‘advice’ from my wife at the time!
    (At the time of the vote that is, not my wife at that time. No, she was/is my wife at the time. Oh never mind.)



    My third attempt to present some comments on Toms very enlightening article, that in itself should merit a place in the clubs archives . A superb snapshot of just one moment in the time of the clubs history. Tens years a member and now I know where the archives are stored. Yes I remember darkrooms. It was the darkened kitchen where when just transferring my 20×16 masterpiece from the developer, the door would open and the light switched on followed by an exclamation that supper was ready.!!! I did win one of those old slide cups two years running. Causing much consternation as I won with 40 year old slides. I have been punished annually ever since not having won an award since , proving my view that to have an award is not all about judging. My third attempt with this response is quite simple to understand. This software has been created by men. Had it been created by a woman then logic would have applied. Twice on editing my blog the whole lot disappeared when clicking submit. So to re submit you have to reply to yourself. Submit –and you get DELETE. Now no woman would apply that logic. Which brings me to my point and the relevance of ADA NIELD. Ada Nield was the subject of one of the artists at the truly inspirational Chalk it Up event. Ada Nield worked in a Crewe factory and followed Emily Pankhurst to become a Suffragette. These leaders that fought for womans right to vote and the subsequent demand for Equality. How I can imagine Ada Nield and Mrs Liddle would have had one common thread—Rights for Woman. So you know where I am going–The Ladies Cup or the demise of the Ladies Cup. The demise brought about by ill founded politically correct thinking from those that advocate to burn the bra and same sex toilets because they do not recognise qualities like Respect and Chivalry etc. There is no place in a cultural group for politics. The end result is against the “Stipulation” of Mrs. Liddle and shows her no respect. Then to rub salt in the wound , the Ladies cup will be recycled and could be won by one of those that voted for its demise.— Had I said to my late wife -Going now to vote for the demise of the Ladies Cup—-On my return the doors would be locked–a note left saying –The dog has eaten–you can get your own supper and sleep in the spare room as I don”t want to be wakened.————I did offer to buy the Ladies cup, so that I could give it to a previous lady winner who I recall was so proud to have won it. But the same people who voted for its demise then voted to keep it to store in Toms darkroom and even worse to recycle it to be won by themselves. Now another point which would shock ADA NIELD and Mrs. Liddle is that I am sure several of these people who has taken away the Ladies Cup as they don”t want it -so nobody can have it–will be the same people who never participate in this forum or help with outside club events and most probably not even submit for the 70th Album. And another questionable point as to the value of the PC rights demand is I recall in this Society –the submission of photographs of active NAZIS which have gained awards—the same awards I have not gained with respectable images–and whats more being roundly applauded by people who see fit to find no place for a Ladies Cup. Come back ADA. Gladly we still have Wimbledon–Ladies Cup–Ladies football-cricket all the Ladies Olympic events solely for woman and many many more.





    <b>Now to make my own point clear. When Mrs Liddle donated the Ladies Cup in 1950 ( and I remember it well—-the only girl I was ever in love with gave me the heave -ho—I became a soldier in that year–Attlee was P.M.–Dennis Compton played for Arsenal in the FA Cup and Dr. Liddle was President of C.P.S.) —   in 1950.- Mrs. Liddle would have been well aware of the uphill task to establish womens rights- equality -this was another world. All wages were lower for women than men doing the same job. To see a lady driver was a talking point. No doubt Mrs. Liddle was making her stand that women have a place in society as well. She was making  a point. This has become part of the clubs heritage for 67 years, a heritage  of the highest esteem and one worth preserving to respect  the problems women faced in those halcyon days . This Ladies Cup is not there to be picked over by people now enjoying the benefits of todays society with total equality .Even today the Royal Air Force  announced  women can now engage with them in ground combat duties. So they even have the right to die fighting for their country.</b>  This is about respect for the reason the cup was donated, to establish womens rights and should not be besmirched.      (BTW—-Yes you can love someone—-but being” in love” –well that is another once in a lifetime wow.)



    A conundrum for the 13  resounding members.-You will have heard it—-A  man was driving his son to school and the car  crashed. Badly injured the little boy was rushed to hospital. Where upon straight into the operating theatre.  The surgeon look down at the boy with shock and said-”  Oh my goodness –That’s my son”.


    Ian McNab

    Ken >>> I find that if I’m going to write a long post, it’s safest to write it in a text editor on my computer, rather than directly into the forum editor. (I guess a Windows user would use Notepad, assuming that’s still the default text editor in Win 10.)

    Then, when you’ve typed, revised, spell-checked and saved your text, copy the lot to the clipboard. (Ctrl+A selects all of it; then Ctrl+C copies it.)

    Go to the forum post editor window, and select ‘Text’ at top right. Click in the window and use Ctrl+V to paste your message. (Click ‘Visual’ at top right to see how it’s going to look on screen, and do any tidying up you wish.) Press ‘Submit’.

    If you try to type and make alterations in the forum post editor directly, there are so many ways you can accidentally lose the lot. If you’ve written and saved it in Notepad, you can always get it back from there!

    Happy posting! 🙂

    (PS – I thought Tom’s post was a very comprehensive description of the effect on cherished anachronisms of the vagaries of social and technological change. Thank goodness no one donated a really expensive ‘Valet’s Cup’ for the best wet-plate collodion print by a manservant! 😉  )




    <b>Thank you as always Ian, your expertise is valued, very grateful. Yes I agree re Toms piece  and it should be retained as a snapshot in time of CPS history, in fact its very important. The only point omitted was that with the Ladies Cup being withdrawn I offered to buy it for £250. John explained it was being kept for valued historical reasons. I further explained with its demise I intended to give the cup to a past lady winner who was proud to have been so awarded. I explained to John who the lady was  and clearly I could not name that person on this forum as it would be inappropriate to do so.</b> ( Also just between you and I, her husband is so I believe a Chairman/President in his own right of a local photographic society and who knows–he may not approve.) It does leave me pondering –What is the clubs price£???????????.

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