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    I refer to John”s e-mail re-membership. This not only begs the question but brings many answers to mind and its for sure ask each member who will all come up with a different answer. Is it a reasonable assumption that 34 is a reasonable expectation for the locality?. We know at the last count Chichester a small city in a well populated area had 50 members and 34 on the waiting list. How many more members for CPS would reach the limit? All the advertising -bell ringing and stands fail. Has anyone asked the present members-what attracted them to join CPS.? I remember exactly what attracted me 55 years ago. A little postcard notice on the library door at Altrincham–Photo Club Exhibition inside.Couldn”t wait for next week to join. We have an excellent programme -and venue-competitions all first class. So what does it take for someone to”want” to be “part of”. Its just like churches–great buildings-choir-organist-vicar-but few wish to attend. Our forum is a good example–excellent with a superb team managing it for just one contibutor–me!! Is it the same reason people –superb photographers but do not wish to join a club as the members-so dedicated to photography but will not paticipate on the forum.? See its all questions and there is no answer. Crewe has an amazing cross section of professions-railways-hospital-industry-police-commerce and so on.So is it a good approach to try and recruit from a stall with the knitting clubs.??I just ask the question. For ten years as a member at the library–where every week of the year all of these people visit-yet we do not have nor ever had a photo advert—a brochure on the book check out desk or bribe some one to have a mini exhibition in the entrance. Probably the drip feed approach may work. A few classy photo albums with CPS all over them and like Gideons bibles in hotel rooms–ask to leave them in dentists waiting rooms-the orthopaedics dept. at Leighton where people wait for hours perusing through books on the table there.Vary the albums and move them around every so often. Then having caught the rabbit–how do you keep them. With an excellent venue–programme–competitions–not a chance. That grabs a very small niche alone. For 55 years I have always found and been concerned at the loss new members can feel among strangers. People get into little groups and few have the good grace to bring strangers into there company. David Lucas is a glowing example of showing warmth and friendlyness. Alan was the same-Janice and people like Ian who will go around and have a chat. Every member should be more homogenous. There is the need for all clubs to embrace the modern photo technology!! oh no they don”t. WI-FI- the internet skype and so on. The only change now in clubs than 50 years ago is members have digital cameras and the club has a digital projector. The great Flicker and 3D forums are an excellent example how world wide the internet brings people together with one common interest.Clubs have to move on. Last summer in the park there was a good example of showing off what you can do with the super size marquee for the horticultoral club.An excellent show and attracted crowds. Why can we not do that???



    Just picking up one point there, limits for the area. The fact is that we have a very high concentration of clubs in this area; Crewe, Nantwich, Alsager and Sandbach are all very close, with Mid-Cheshire and Holmes Chapel not that much further. It may be that there are enough camera clubs. However I cannot beleive that we will not be able to pick up a few more

    When we gain someone who has done the rounds before settling on Crewe they say that we are friendly, which pleases me very much, well done to you all.

    A remarkable thing is that the competition entries have not declined. The variety and quality has even increased, so we are clearly giving a certain element if the membership what they want.

    By the way 50 members and 34 on a waiting list clearly points to lack of accommodation and they really should be doing something about that.

    I applaud any effort to popularise the club, be it in local publications or whatever and I am very grateful(we all are) to those who are doing such things. Perhaps there is a limited interest in taking photography beyond snaps viewed on a phone – though with the quality and editing facilities available today perhaps people have less desire to do so?




    Could be assumed its not about numbers. There could be a photo club of ten members and be very successful—depending how success is rated. Suggesting the present 34 is a bit lower than required is a management aspect. Enough revenue to cover costs. CPS could have 50 members and not be a success if that could be defined. But with 50 members could be a treasurers dream come true.  What  to me of concern is the turnover. Who are members of the club since before me joining ten years ago???Except past or present committee members. Does retaining members partly  define –what is a successful club-what ever it be. I do believe with all camera clubs -that is an issue to analyse carefully. Its much like a business or managerial role to retain good staff having recruited them. As far as friendlyness at CPS goes , no one should be complacent . I have supported CPS in more than one tangable way, and given support to people when a personal drama occurs for them. But my recent experience would seriously put friendlyness to the test. CPS has in its manifesto rules to support and protect children, the elderly, infirm ,disabled etc. Really wishing to attend the PDI round –had that lovely classy lady Mary still been a member ,she would have picked me up as when a member gave me her phone number for that purpose. So I drove myself in, with walking aids carefully climbed the ramp and five metres from the doors had a lovely greeting from two going just ahead–who promptly let the door close in my face. At the break would have enjoyed a drink-but to stand and support myself and muscle in for a hot plastic cup is not practical.No one offered but plenty stood over me spilling their drink onto me. Then walking back down the damp ramp–who cares. ???? John my reference about Chichester was an example of member ratio to population if such exists. We do not hold an exhibition and something should be done about that!! I do believe the deep interest in photography ,and there are plenty of skilled people about—-and the desire to be part of a photographic group are poles apart.   I really cannot see a big future for photo clubs enmasse-unless it re define itself.

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