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    Open Meetings
    We have 6 open meetings per year plus the 1st meeting. To add more interest to these meetings we could have a member’s marked PDI competition at which new images could be trailed and be open for Critique, by someone like John Royal or Ian Whiston. The benefit of this would be to let new and existing members try out new approaches to their photography.

    It is going to be said that we already have that facility on the Forum; I know we do but what a Faff to upload images. I for one am baffled by it. It can also be seen that only a few people contribute, for whatever reason, mostly I suspect the difficulty of uploading.

    The way it would work is that prior to each Open Meeting we would submit up to 3 PDI images to John who would then number each image. These would be projected on the night as a Slide Show showing the numbers on each slide. These would be projected 3 times on the last showing members would vote 1, 2, or 3 for their preferred choice on issued voting slips which would be collected at the entrance when signing in.

    The completed slips would then be counted by a teller giving 3 points to a 1st 2 points to a 2nd and 1 point to 3rd place the image with the highest points will be the winner.

    This would then be followed by a brief Critique of the images.

    This may do 2 things

    1 Make Open Meetings better attended

    2 Make trying to get material for open meetings less of a headache or JR

    This is merely a suggestion to get more involvement in photographic technique by the members with suggestions as to how to improve our images.

    This is only the germ of an idea and could be altered in any respect.

    What do you think do we need more competition or Critique? I think we need more Critique sessions.

    Wallace Baxter


    Pete Robinson

    I didn’t realise that we had 6 open meetings. I think it’s a good idea to use at least one of them for members to get advice and comments on images they may not wish to enter in competitions. I’m not really sure that we need to have a competition though. It would encourage members who don’t normally enter competitions to display their work and get some constructive feed back.

    I used to have a problem uploading images to the forum until I read Ian’s instructions on his PDF document. I now upload mine to the gallery and copy the location into the comment box and it works fine. It’s easy after you’ve done it a couple of times.



    Critiques do go down well.


    Another idea is to resurrect the ONE IMAGE CHALLENGE. We give everyone a copy of an image ( fairly unimpressive one) and they do whatever they want with it to turn it into something good(!). It would be easy to set up with the starter image available on the website at a fairly big size.




    meg cumming

    I still think we’re missing an opportunity here. 6 open sesseions and a lack of air time for PDIs as opposed to prints. What members are wanting is to  level that playing field giving the PDIs a fairer chance of airtime. Thats why I think Wallaces’  idea of using one of the open nights as another PDI night is a great idea. Pure, simple,easy, no hassle.


    Tom Seaton

    I do like John’s idea to reintroduce the ONE IMAGE CHALLANGE. Last time – some years ago – was a big success. We even had one version set to music.




    Well I am happy with both suggestions.  Use one of the open evenings for another PDI comp and the one image competition sounds interesting.  Not sure I understand the rules if there are any but I am up for a challenge.  The attendance seems to be a little ‘light’ at the moment so anything would be worth a try.



    The ONE PIC worked like this; we emailed round a (not especially promising) image. People were allowed to do anything they liked with it and send it in. We then showed the results. Now we have the website we could put a full size image somewhere for people to download. A full size image would give more scope.

    We would want the presentation (finished) images at 1400x1050px

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