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    Chairman John mentions today with respect to gaining PAGB distinctions. If of help there is a list of club open exhibitions –——some of which acceptances qualify towards PAGB. Some allow minimum of four entries spread over the various sections which makes it easier on the budget. I know I will be corrected if wrong, I understand the same entries / the same images accepted at various clubs –would qualify each time towards distinctions. In theory –tell me if I am wrong–say the same four accepted images at several clubs would qualify which devalues the qualification. Whereas several images are required for the RPS. But this list of clubs is useful–quite nostalgic as I have many slide acceptances from the good old slide days at several of these clubs—good old Dingwall—Spectrum and more. That was far more difficult because you would not shoot off 40 shots and see the results on your camera.Think I will enter some myself.



    The distinctions I’m referring to are those awarded directly by the PAGB by assessment. You are referring to the BPE awards I think; these are awarded by the number of acceptances you gain in qualifying exhibitions.

    The RPS makes awards by assessing work too, the awards being LRPS, ARPS and FRPS.

    The other popular distinctions are the FIAP ones, which are also gained through acceptances in exhibitions.

    Some comps also award PAGB Ribbons and it is that which comes from the patronage you refer to.

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