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    Now that the Forum is private there is less need for me to be a bit cryptic about names etc.

    Entries by midnight tonight, Sunday 21 Dec.

    List updated Monday 22nd December

    So far I have entries from Ian McNab, Ian Whiston, Kath Hill, Ray Hill, Ken Dickenson, Ken Last, Peter Robinson, Ralph Browse, Tom Seaton, John Royle and Wallace Baxter. Also now from Bill Crichton, Meg Cumming, Dolores Williams, Bob Brown and Paul Hill. Total 79 photos.

    The only action required from some of you for the Great British Cup is to send in your three Nature entries. I have entries from Wallace Baxter so far. MCCC members are entering under their Entries for the general section will be made from the most successful pictures submitted so far this season. Ian Whiston cannot enter this year as he is judging it!


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    Well done to all entrants this time for getting the formatting right.

    One issue which did come up this time, and the reason for me sending out a full list of the entries by email, was that you need to be watch the file sizes.

    No matter what means you use to email your images it must be possible to make sure that they don’t get reduced in size. I don’t mean their dimensions, but their compression.

    Please keep an eye on this factor, I don’t intend to send out that list each time we have a competition!



    All the photos are now with the judge. So now we look forward to his opinions on them on 8 January.

    Don’t forget that the hand in for NATURE shots for the GBC is 1 January and the next print comp has a hand-in of 8 January.

    This thread will be deleted on or about 8 January.

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