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    If a photo is intended to depict a living thing (excepting humans) and it isn’t a domestic animal or cultivated plant it goes in Nature. It should be given a title which include the name of the organism, so that it could be identified if needbe. If a photo is entered in the General section it is judged pictorially.

    So which section should this go in? It could be Poppy (Papaver rhoeas)(Nature) or Life in a hard place.(General)

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    The Chairman is just testing us–he knows the Poppies are not close and detailed for “Nature”–but what a lovely photo–nice classical pictorial –call it–Between a Rock and a Hard Place. And what a super location for an outdoor portrait.


    Ian McNab

    It looks colour-poppied to me, so it can’t be mono! 😉



    No matter how well a picture suits a category there is the risk of  the judge having private feelings that it should be elsewhere and giving a lower mark.

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