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    Paul Hill

    After realising recently that our Household Insurance won’t cover my camera gear fully if anything happens to it whilst out on my travels, I thought it wise to get it fully covered. I picked up a couple of flyers from Aaduki and Towergate from The Photography Show last week but was wondering if there were other companies that anybody can recommend.



    You could try the L&CPU insurers, Darwin Clayton . They are brokers in fact.

    There is another insurer who frequently advertises on a slip in Amateur Photographer and EOS magazine and their rates seemed good, but clearly this method of advertising doesn’t work too well because I have no note of their name. Perhaps someone else can come up with it.

    I think you are wise not to rely on household insurance. You sometimes hear tales about people making successful claims but they are only for relatively cheap, single items and are probably below the figure where the insurance company doesn’t bother asking too many questions. If you want good cover for specific items then I think you do need to take out special insurance.

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    Exactly what situations are not covered on your household policy Paul? I know some insurers won’t cover items in a car left unattended while others will pay out if the camera is securely locked in the boot with keys removed from the car. Tents are rarely covered when unattended. I remember Cristina was paid out on a household policy when she dropped her nikon in a pond. Use a search comparison site and specify the conditions that are important such as low excess, unattended, accidental damage etc. Pro cover will be the most comprehensive but also the most expensive. Sadly unless someone has claimed successfully it is hard to recommend.


    Pete Robinson

    When I went on holiday last year I insured my gear with E&L Insurance who have reasonable rates. They allow you to have an annual or monthly policy so if you just want to insure some specific equipment for a month you can do so then cancel it. I’ve never had to claim which is the real acid test. I ended up leaving my stuff insured for about 9 months and they slowly increased the premium. It started around £10 a month and went up to about £16 so I cancelled it.


    Paul Hill

    <p>Delores – Our household insurance will only offer cover for individual items up to a maximum of £1500. Unfortunately my 500mm lens is way above that to replace.  (New for old) I did an online quote with Aaduki for ALL my gear (New for Old) and it worked out at £225 for the year. Not too expensive I suppose when you work out how much I’d have to spend to replace all my  kit if the worst happened. I could just insure that lens with them and confirm all my other gear is covered on the house insurance i.e. All items individually under £1500 but it’s a bit messy. </p><p>I’ll try that link you mentioned John. </p><p>Peter, I would need it to be covered all year rather than just for holidays etc because of the restrictions mentioned above </p><p>Thanks</p><p>Paul </p>

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