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    Peter Robinson

    I visited Dorfold Hall firework display on Saturday night. It was the first time I’ve tried some serious firework photography and I followed some advice from the ‘net’.

    I’d just like to make a few suggestions for photographing fire works from my experience that may prove useful for next weekend.

    I would recommend using a tripod and cable release. Set you camera fully manual, both exposure and focus. Manually focus on infinity. Some cameras focus past infinity so be careful about this.

    I used ISO 100 to minimise digital noise  and set the expose to f16 aperture and the shutter to ‘Blub’. So the shutter remained open as long as I held the cable release down.

    Those setting work quite well on the night, but you don’t know how bright the fireworks are going to be so may need to adjust the aperture.

    As the display was quite wide spread over the sky I used a wide angle focal length setting of around 30mm.

    I also set my camera’s custom function to reduce noise. This meant that the camera would process the noise in the image for as long as the exposure was. So if I took a 5 second exposure, the camera would lock for a further 5 seconds while it processed the image.

    I found it was better to take shorter exposures of less than 5 seconds so I didn’t have to wait too long for the camera processing and if you try and capture too much the picture can get very messy.

    Hope this helps.


    meg cumming

    Now I’m really sorry that I didn’t go to Dorfold Park. This is image iw well taken and the advice you have given is useful as I’m sure many of us will use use it Pete. Thanks.



    I missed it as well, gutted been looking forward to some fireworks for last couple years. maybe next week…

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