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    Who said that????Never one to be controversial as we all know.  I am uncertain of the  points equasion to arrive at totals  for League placings and regrettably  could not get to see the print competition being judged this week. I am sure though I know the quality of work members produce that there was NOT a   nine point gap between all prints. I could not imagine by any standards 14 points would have been justified let alone  twelve. To digress -we never ever see “eleven” points –am I right???I am sure if the lowest mark was 15 -period—it would not make any difference to the winning outcome. Unable to enter prints now, I do not have  an axe to grind. In the dark days BD  (before digital) -we had winners-VHC–HC–C”s then all others were the same(losers). But no one having entered competent work had the indignity and humiliation of being marked so low especially when not justified. For me its an affront to members and if work was so bad to justify 12 points, this should ring bells with a judges discretion that some tutoring  would be more beneficial than humiliation. How many excellent workers went home spitting feathers on Thursday. First and foremost by any standards the members feelings are paramount while the winners can still enjoy their moment of joy. (how do you spell-equasion????)



    With a “t” Ken.

    The whole subject bof competitions can be discussed at the AGM if people want changes. I’ll start a new thread on this.



    Thank you John–EQUATION—

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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