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    Do the angles work? This one is about the shape, not too sure. There are no balls or action. Click on the image for full size


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    Sure does Wallace–like the juxtaposition–well caught.  We call the ball a chucker–its a nice piece of photography and one that grows on you. Not trying to teach a  respected expert like yourself Wallace- but for those on the exciting learning curve I have no doubt Wallace will balance off with a little crop off the right side and perhaps the top. Yes a nice catch is that Wallace.



    Thanks Ken I think I will extend the left side to match the right and extend the tree line a little more, possibly do away with the sky.  The ball is  chuker so what do they hit it wth the mallet thingy. The title maybe Walk Away?

    Like This


    This I do like


    Click on image for full size

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    YES Wallace  that I do  like–proper club photo-caught spot on–and could never get the shot again if you waited all day–I like the mans —-p——   off expression–whats he thinking????great.


    Pete Robinson

    I like the black and white version better and the way the clubs nearly meet to from the top of an almost triangular composition. I also think it helped when you gave the extra space to the left hand side. At first I wasn’t sure about the two horses going out of the frame in different directions but the more I look at it I can see what your’re creating.

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