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    Pete Robinson

    Many thanks to Ian and Sharon for their working in setting up an interesting portrait session at our last meeting. I took a few which are probably similar to everyone elses. I think Meg had the right idea by bring in some props for Sharon to hold. Here’s a few of mine. I don’t think I’ve made of most of the situation. I think I could have done better with a bit more thought.

    OK. I know you can tell!



    Yes I do believe you could Peter. My little dog was to traumatised by fireworks to leave him —otherwise would have been there. Tomorrow is my 83rd   so will just give a gentle appraisal—-all a bit like my previous post—-a “disaster darling.” Sharon is a sophisticated elegant attractive lady with beautiful long black hair and what have you done.  Black hair –black background–false hand poses-please you are the photographer–that  face gear-what on earth!!The lighting–just look where that nose shadow is–from low left to cast a shadow to the other side of the nose. The entire head pose angle and expression is just not in keeping with what is attempted at this theatrical image. A beautiful sophisticated lady with magnificent long black hair–should be so easy to create  a superb photograph. I said I would be gentle.



    Happy Birthday Ken!

    Thanks for showing those, Peter, we often don’t see the work done on portrait evening because people think that everyone has the same shots but you can be enterprising as you and Meg have been and get something different.


    meg cumming

    Thanks for being the first to post Pete. I still can’t get my head around the sizing issues otherwise I’d have posted a couple of mine. As you said Pete I did bring along some props because we have the problem that we all get nearly the same shots. I have put one on CPS Facebook because I don’t have worry about resizing it. If it weren’t for Sharon they’d have been no model that night so a big thanks to Sharon for stepping in.May be it is time to put some into competitions.


    Ian McNab

    Meg >>> Do you use Photoshop to resize?


    meg cumming

    Yes and no. I use Photoshop to resize for PDIs, for posting on flicker etc I use windows gallery. When I could post using Imageshack I was ok, now I’ve changed it to drop box, but haven’t got my head round posting using that software yet. I’ll get my finger out eventually and start reposting soon.


    Ian McNab

    Meg <<< You could just resize the pics in Photoshop (make the longest side 650 pixels), and save as a jpeg to your ‘Public’ Dropbox folder. (If you don’t have one, create a folder in your Dropbox called ‘Public’ – with a capital ‘P’)

    Then right-click the picture, and select ‘Copy public link…’.  Use this to insert the picture in your forum post.

    Should be pretty straightforward.

    [PS Your Dropbox ‘Public’ folder is not actually visible to the public – no one can access the folder unless you give them the link to the folder itself. If you give people a link to a file, that’s all they can see. It’s just that the Public folder makes it easy for you to publish a link to a file, as you do when you insert it in a forum post here for members to see.]

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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