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    The proposal to add additional PDI competitions is welcomed and the extra Portrait PDI competition will bring in competitors who do not submit prints, it is giving everyone equal opportunities to compete.

     However some clarification will be needed as to what can be entered and what cross over will be permitted between Prints and PDIs and visa virsa. For example, can a portrait PDI be then printed and entered into the Maurice Ashwin competition? I am assuming that as with prints entered in the Maurice Ashwin Portrait competition they can be from the current year’s league competitions Print or PDI or can be new entries. I think some thought must be given to the definition as to what can be entered where and when, we do not want to complicate it or become a bureaucratic nightmare.

    Wallace Baxter



    The rules regarding entry of a particular image will not change. You may enter an image ONCE only into the Print or PDI League competitions, not both. Our Annuals are for prints or PDIs which have already been entered in the Leagues of that season.

    The Maurice Ashwin portrait competition is a completely independent  competition for prints. You may enter any image provided that it has not been in the competition before. This would mean that your “Old man with Whiskers” print which came second in the first league comp and won the annual print competition this year can be entered in the MA. Your “Flogging A Dead Horse” which won the Annual in 2010 can be entered in the MA this year because you didn’t enter it in the MA in 2010 or 2011. Similarly you could enter a print of a PDI which you submitted into the Leagues.

    The rule is simply to stop anyone constantly re-using a successful image, but we feel we cannot go as far as saying that all images in the MA should be new, it would make things very expensive and make the entry very small. Or would members like to change that? The expense factor doesn’t apply to PDIs.






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