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    Pete Robinson

    I’ve received an email from Lynn Kennedy who manages the ‘Rat Pack’ that some of us have photographed for them before. We must have done a good job because she’s invited us again. As far as I know no other club has been invited to this event. Basically we get free entry in return for a disc full of images. They will be appearing at the Clonter Opera theatre near Congleton on Saturday 10th. December.  In her email below she invites up to 6 of our members to attend. Meg and I went last time and there wasn’t a lot of room to shoot from the best spots so we may need to swop around. It was packed and the stage is quite low so you cant really stand in front of the audience. It’s a bit of a challenge. Please read Lynn’s email below and let me know if you want to go as I need to let Lynn know how many plan to attend. She also says 2 friends can also go for the price of one.

    ‘Masters Entertainment Corporation would like to invite up to six of  your club members to take photographs of The Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular  Show  which is a very visual production with lots of costume changes etc. Each  photographer will receive a complimentary pass for the show and will  also be offered the opportunity to purchase tickets for family and or  friends at a discounted rate in advance which is usually 2 for 1. All we  ask in return is to receive a DVD of the show images from each photographer within 14 days and to retain copyright, thus no printing of  names on any photographs.  Images may of course be used for your members amateur competitions and  portfolios. Attendance of photographers at our event will need to be  coordinated by a nominated club member and all DVDs will need to be sent  to us via your coordinator. Arrival time at the venue will be  6.30 pm for 7.30pm start shows as everything needs to be organised by  7pm when customers enter the room and start to be seated.
    For 8pm start shows obviously add half and hour. In terms of the technicalities,  use of flash is only allowed at the discretion of the venue front of  house manager and in most cases is likely to be unsuitable; having said  this, follow spots and stage lighting have enabled some great pictures  to be taken in the past. At the meet and greet which takes place  immediately (within 1 minute ! after curtains closing for the end of the show) usually in the foyer and we encourage as much flash as possible in a fun papparazri style meet with fans.
    Video is always welcomed if you have some members who would prefer to do  filming that is great. Our arrangements with many camera clubs over
    recent years have proven to be very successful and members have had a great night out whilst taking some interesting shots too. Show contact on the night can be given to you a week before the date.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Lynn kennedy


    Martin McGing

    Peter,  I’m more than happy to have another go at photographing this show.  It’s always a challenge, but its an opportunity to take images in a different environment.

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