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    Ian McNab

    John >>> This week’s front page ‘Picture Of The Week’ is Bob Brown’s ‘Welcome Break’:



    It’s a fine picture, that reminds me of the striking portraits in August Sander’s great series “People of the 20th Century”.

    Under it you say:

    “Our picture of the week is by Bob Brown and I just love the expression and the attitude. We are not a long way off our most important print competition and this one of Bob’s I would like to include, but can you see just one thing which would improve it?”

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve puzzled over what you might have in mind. I suppose if I were bothered about the sort of formulaic ‘rules’ that some club judges might bash it with, I might suggest darkening the the light parts of the step the guy’s feet are on, as they might attract the standard remark about “bright areas near the edge of the picture”. But apart from that, I’m stumped.

    What do you think is the one thing that would improve it?



    Pete Robinson

    I think a judges’ minor criticism might be about the white line at the bottom like you suggested, but is part of the picture. To put the icing on the cake I would have liked to have eye contact with the bus conductor. It’s great picture anyway.


    Ian McNab

    I’ve had an email from John, in which he tells me that he can’t get a good enough signal to connect with the CPS site, so he can’t comment at the moment. But he briefly says that the problem is to do with blown highlights, which are more obviously visible in the print than they are in the smaller version on the web site.



    I think Ian with his excellent analytical  observations made the point of it being technical issues. With all due respect to the author and no personal criticism intended–I ask myself why is it on the front of forum anyway. Could I suggest if among a good class club exhibition it would be viewed as you pass and walk on. So why is it a representative  photo on the front of forum I ask myself.?  A problem I have is that a forum for all to share and participate in , these selections are the arbitrary choice of one person and usually images by those that choose to not participate or in some instances not signed  on as forum members.  Viewing total strangers photo”s , very much like at an unfamiliar club exhibition  the viewers impression is not distracted by knowing for better or worse the author. 



    The purpose of the Photo of the Week is primarily signal that the website has been up-dated, or indicating a change at least to the casual surfer.

    It is often easy to make the selection, since our last competition provides us with at least three and that pattern keeps us going throughout the season.

    After the season finishes it becomes gradually more difficult to select something. We are back now with a supply of new winners from our first competition.

    I added the comment about “improvement”  simply to make it a bit more interactive than usual.


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