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    Reading the RPS writing to acknowledge Ron I found it a good synopsis.The author no doubt would have presented several pages -only to be refined by a sub-editor. I was left with real concern for Ron when reading the latter paragraph.It is just ten years now since joining CPS and knew Ron well for all his wonderful qualities. It is upsetting to think of him “blind” but his brain well and active. In a thankfully much lesser way I experience the feeling myself of what I could do if my knees were ok. So Ron is a revered and Life Member in need of support. What can I ask is the CPS going to do about helping Ron to keep his photographic brain active—????Have the committee discussed this??? Not long ago at all Ron spoke of the problems with photography for the dis-abled. It would seem to me that NOW—-not tomorrow CPS should search avenues to see how best he could be helped to stimulate his active photographic brain. Does he have “Talking Papers” -there is someone doing this around Sandbach and perhaps they could do some talking photopapers. I am just scratching around for ideas , it does not take a lot of imagination to produce a set of practical ideas to involve Ron and make him feel involved. Get him a speech recorder and someone sit with him and record all his lifes photo experiences –doing this weekly -and in between let him record and edit. The list could be endless and needs prompt /priority attention as he is owed this. For those who have not read this paper-it concludes how he is driven to tears being blind but his brain is so active. Todays date is 9th Jan 2015—what did Nelson say- England Expects!!!!!!!!!!!!! TALKING NEWSPAPERS/MAGAZINES 0303 123 9999 —————Do we know what Ron has for “blind” aids at the moment????


    Pete Robinson

    That’s very thoughtful of you Ken. I agree with you whole heartly. Ron gave so much to the club and to photography and we now have the opportunity to give him something back. I like your idea of recording his life stories and his jokes. It’s just how we go about it. We’ll have to investigate the processes and discuss it with other members. Thanks for starting this post.

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