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    Our Chairmans accolade for Ron says it all–on of the greats. I was fortunate to meet him in my early years at CPS and he is all John describes. His immense knowledge was always readily to be passed on. There is no waffle with Ron and he will discuss in clear and concise terms but the magic with him is you feel he enjoys the chat with you . He will collar you to tell a joke like nobody and unlike so many of us –he can tell a joke-and walk away leaving you splitting your sides. In my early days Ron ran a theme for us to bring prints in on a monthly basis so to show off some work or get some critique. Good man—deserves his success . I can remember one of Rons jokes——There was this 85 year old man about to marry a 25 year old glamorous girl and————-


    Peter Robinson

    Yes, I agree that John’s tribute to Ron was  accurate and refective. I was lucky enough to have meet him at the club and tried to talk with him when I could. Ron is a wealth of knowledge and entertainment as well. I enjoyed his jokes and his talks. Always a bit different, fascinating and educational and presented in his own unique style. I think all of us that have meet him his him attending the club and it is so sad that he’s lost his sight. This must be more devastating for someone who loves to see the world as a photographer.Can anyone recall any of his jokes?



    YES—-There  was this 85 year old man about to marry a 25 year old glamorous girl———just to prove I have read your response Peter  –LOL

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