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    Decision made–order placed–and by weekend I should have the new camera in my hands—whoopie—-or is it. Only just on the market  this 3d camera is a new innovation- using a single lens but split sensor. Some excellent research by 3d forum members giving lots of support and advice have swayed me to go ahead with eyes open to the vageries with this camera”s 3d function. Could be well overpriced at £800  but thats the price if you want it now.As a 2d camera of retro style it seems to have a good spec–wi-fi  and all that.I have been fortunate to see lots of images posted by a guy from Austria–mainly close up of flowers and also a couple of railway shots.Its good 3d but with a difference–one being very limited DOF  I think to enhance the 3d effect. I have downloaded a couple and it works well in all formats-anaglyph-side x side—-x-view and best of all interlace mode.The camera is white to match Sasha—the 45mm lens detaches-and the guy from Austria sent off to China for flanges and that to use a whole range of tele lenses on the body  even a 100mm mirror lens and very good too the results.Watch this space.The link   images are all 3d side by side which in 3d software you can just click to mode favoured.



    I was attracted to this camera for the 3d feature.  Early days yet but I am so impressed.It is a fine camera-looks and has the feel of a fine instrument.It function well and is smooth and slick with the ususal complex of  options yet is all so easy.Think I am beginning to get the experience that all you posh Nikon and Canon users have. I never thought the touch screen option would appeal-but the more I use it , I get to appreciate its virtue. Just about every mode option -including the ” take the picture” can be on the touch screen. The floating “level” is great- one feature I have not had before  is   -apart from the switch on the lens the change from 2d  to 3d-another switch on the lens -with each click brings up all the various modes on the screen  and each can be changed with a small toggle wheel.This includes ISO–apeture-shutter speeds–zoom levels-etc   and it makes changing in the middle of a shoot so easy-then just touch screen to select and touch screen to take picture–its great. It has wi-fi   with many options including using a Smart phone to take pictures.Then plug in to tv and it will play back a slide show to music in hd. The lens give the impression of quality–first photo”s posted on the 3d forum has brought an amazing response. To see full size 3D pictures in ” interlace” on the 3d monitor is out of this world.



    Don”t know if its apparent on the very small file size-but the resolution and lens quality is superb. Hand held–basic room lighting and it bodes well.



    Been trying out the macro in 3d–Mike Beech easily the best exponent and such acclaimed–gave me such pleasing comments and from him is a bit rare and special. One image here but looks so flat in 2d. Too much red to view in anaglyph so will not post in 3d–but will try a mono version?? Best view in side by side then no colour obstruction. You will all get there one day. 



    Not good in mono–So  posting one here in SIDE BY SIDE    format.I have four   ( cheap and nasty )3d viewers   which I will send to Delorus–one each for Delorus-Meg.  Pete  and the webmaster. If Delores would kindly handout. Then view this SxS –sorry it has to be kept small for posting so resolution is lost if you scroll it too big.Ajust the viewing distance to suit your eyes and all will appear in 3d. –If it works for you I will post more from time to time.


    Ian McNab

    Even in 2D the shots look good, Ken. Lovely colour rendering and overal tonal balance. (I’m assuming they’re minimally processed, out-of-camera jpegs?)



    Yes Ian–other than create  side x side in Stereo photomaker and ajust size they are straight from camera. The 3d MPO file I understand is two jpgs a space apart.



    As Ian says Ken … even the 2D  looks good.  You must be delighted.  Will pick up the viewers when we come round which will save you posting them.  🙂



    Another 3d doodle–in 3d you can put yopur hand around those flowers–must get the viewer to you.



    Posted anothe side x side and also an anaglyp which is not to bad with the specs.

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