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    Ian McNab

    Thanks, D.

    I’d be interested to hear what John’s view of the second version is…


    Pete Robinson

    My vote goes to John’s views. I think the main interest lies in the detail on the right grouping and the top left pulls away from that, so I prefer it darkened.

    I think Ken is referring to Carol Cotter’s minimal photos of dandelion clocks. She would just photo one dandelion head against a black background so the concentration was solely on the single head.

    Her husband, Simon, has a similar style and he has some great images on his flickr site. Have a look at



    Ian McNab

    Thanks for adding your support for the second version.  I’m beginning to think that either treatment might work (but only if you could do something about the too-emphatic edges of the dark leaf at lower right in the first one).

    I do remember Carol’s ultra-minimalist images. That’s why I was amused at Ken’s suggestion for improving  my picture: it’d be better if I’d made an entirely different  photograph!




    What ever caused amusement it was nothing I said about improving the picture–As I did not make any comment –other than refer to Carol”s original. At least you had the courtesy of a response-.


    Ian McNab

    Sorry, Ken – as this is the ‘critique requests’ forum, I assumed that your comments referred in some way to my photograph. No matter. 🙂



    Thanks for posting Simons Flickr site address Peter, he also used to have one on Ephotozine too.

    My award to Carol was not for her picture but for all her work that year, though I admit that it was a favourite. But, hey, where would we be if a subject could only be done once; no more Robins! BTW we are talking of a picture that was around before Ian joined the club.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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