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    I am sure you are quite right Ian—-but—I will bet 10P    Peter has done exactly what I have   tested. Because this is important.   On to my Flicker photostream I downloaded a very recent pic.   3648×5472——–then I have lifted this off –and it is   1024×683.. I would like to know the file size Peter down loaded. Why I wonder would Peter download onto CPS Forum from Flicker and not from his image bank?? Also why is the pic in question so big. Curiouser  and curioser.  C”mon Peter–put us out of our misery—pond weeds are one thing–but Flicker!!!!


    Ian McNab

    Sandbach Day Of Dance 2014 –

    Some Highs and Lows!



    Excellent Ian—very English and worth preserving. The colour pallete of the first pic has special quality. All of them very beautiful set. The second pic—orange head scarfs–second lady from right–is that who I think it is.? The first pic. very special.Well done Ian.



    I’m not sure this works on any level but it’s certainly different!




    Hi all, thanks for your replies and kind comments. To clarify, I uploaded and downloaded via flickr all at 1024 pix. I use flickr because I sometimes post into another forum called UKAR which is the UK airshow review website.  If you want to see some world class aviation photos that is the place to go. A couple of lads there called Nigel Blake and Hesja (from Poland) will blow your cotton socks off!

    Ttfn, Pete.



    Then—-was the problem that it was not reduced to 650 for the CPS forum size???



    Yes Ken, that will be it, didn’t realise the limit was 650px. Will know next time. Still got to use larger sizes on flickr as the links I make to other sites are 1024 max size, and 650px on the UKAR site looks pretty poor.

    Thanks, Pete.




    Glad we got you sorted Peter—tells us about your lenses used for your fab aerial photo”s please Peter.



    I have been using Sony equipment since I started. Most shots will be from an A700 with 70-400mm G series lens. It is an f4.5 to f5.6 lens. Last year I changed to the A77 which replaced the A700 in the Sony range. The A77 has an electronic viewfinder, which takes a little getting used to, but does offer distinct advantages. Although it does stutter a little in burst shooting, what you see in the viewfinder is what you get when you press the shutter.

    For other shots, ground and general use I am trying a Nex 6 camera with an adaptor to accept Contax G series lenses. The Carl Zeiss Contax G lenses for the rangefinder camera series were reputed to be amongst the sharpest lenses money could buy. I now have the 21m, 45 and 90mm versions. The level of detail they resolve on the Nex 6 is remarkable. Hopefully I can demonstrate this in the upcoming comps!



    Legacy lenses, as they are being called, have been discussed elsewhere on the Forum. We are looking forward to these “new pictures”, Peter, you’ve wowed us with aviation and natural history, so I wonder what they will be?

    It is fun and good economics  to use the old lenses. Also, with a new system like the Fuji one, if you can delay the  decision  about which lenses you want to base your system on that too is good economics.

    Some good posts, I like the first one of Ian’s, it sets the scene so well.

    I always upload via the gallery and set picture size to 600 or 650 wide. I don’t think there is a limit it is just that anything bigger will not fit into the small space available on a phone or iPad (in fact I think even 650 can be slightly distorted.



    Pete Robinson

    Great shots from everyone. I like Peter’s F15 best of his shots. It shows the plane well and in it’s environment. It’s not easy to capture these as they don’t hang around. Your panning needs to be spot on. You can follow them approaching in the viewfinder, then they scream past in a blur so excellent work Peter.
    I like Ian’s high angled shot of the dancers best of his photographs. For me it’s well framed, nicely grouped and has bags of atmosphere.
    Mervin’s spider is just scarey. I have a similar ‘pet’ spider in my window as well. I haven’t shot it yet.
    I’ve been finding it difficult to get my head around the ‘High & Low’ theme. I’ve took a some recently on my hols that I think match the citeria:



    Yes, very appropriate Peter. Welcome back, bet you got some good shots.




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    I have to say that Mervin may have done it again in getting the  picture which most powerfully, literally, suits the topic!

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