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    These strictly speaking were taken at the end of last month at the CPS promo … but they so fit the brief that I thought this was the ideal place to share them.

    A tale of Highs and Lows! (Aka … Meg and the Beanstalk! )

    It was all going so well ….

    We came  … we displayed and we chatted ….

    Then it all started to go downhill, when Meg took umbrage after spotting someone ‘considerably’ taller than herself on our patch … she decided to defend our images  from possible attack by an unfortunate and somewhat surprised passing Giant ……


    The Giant was a trifle miffed and some tough negotiations ensued (I am not ‘completely’ sure that Meg took this seriously!)

    Eventually after promises to keep the small crazy Scottish person away from the now traumatised Giant …. and lots of chocolate for Meg ….

    Peace and honour was restored to all ….

    The End! 😉



    meg cumming

    Oih what about the (jelly) beans you forgot about them! A peaceful end to a great day, even if I had to punch above my weight/height.


    Ian McNab

    LoL!!! Gotta love that last one – brilliant!


    Ian McNab

    Those below the ground look down upon those above it…


    …and their view from down here:


    Roof-top view of historic row


    From above the Jacobean houses…




    Ian ….I am now in therapy, John was last seen filling a prescription for Prozac and Meg … is in a small cage at the bottom of the garden!  The Giant … hasn’t been seen since! 😉


    I like your third shot best but … you are really  pushing the theme.  Quite a difficult one for most of us though!  Nice try!


    Ian McNab

    Thanks, Dee.

    Yes, the theme does seem to be turning out more difficult than you’d have thought.

    I suppose in one way it’s about ‘point of view’ or ‘camera angle’. (Alexander Rodchenko is very good on this – examples of his photographs here. And this photograph of him working is very informative! )

    But I guess the theme could also be taken more conceptually (e.g. emotional highs and lows; economic highs and lows, etc.)

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