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    This I took with my first digital camera–better than those I put in comps. circa  2007.


    Ian McNab

    Lovely balanced composition, Ken, and great layering to evoke depth. Love the light, too.


    Peter Robinson

    I like the balance of warm and cool colours Ken. I agree with Ian that it’s well balanced and I ‘walk’ through the scene to the house. Very nice Ken. However, I prefer the infra red images you entered in the comps!



    THANK YOU IAN and PETER–KIND OF GROWN ON ME—has very happy memories–pleased you enjoyed the infra-reds–great fun all of it–look at your  calender every day Peter.


    D. Williams

    A lovely shot Ken.  It is good to look back over old images and see them in a new light. I’ve been doing it quite a bit this last few months.  Amazing to think of all the stuff you do these days with Infra-red, Serif and 3D.  The older more simple work still has great charm though doesn’t it?

    Had trouble signing in here recently and it’s not possible on my phone although it was last week. Probably me getting something wrong as I get over the flu … unless anyone else has been having trouble too?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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