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    A few months since posting here equipment I wished to re-home   –  at give away cost to CPS  members. . Low cost to be certain someone was serious to have the item. But in fact I never sell on e-bay and never charge friends. It was a pleasure to give to CPS for the raffles a new tripod–and Spotting Scope and other brand new stuff. I did sell my Leica and Canon to  I was 86 last month and have not been at all well . So I am now taking on to the next stage to reduce down to my basic favourite gear and let the rest go.  It has been a pleasure to gift my Samsung NX20 to my police officer friend who is trained in cameras but only had a compact –so is delighted and it has a good home.   And the nice thing   is he said those two words–” Thank You”—-     Now currently negotiating with my dear friends  at Altrincham to take gratis my 500mm Mirror lens  and 500mm  manual tele   both mint-new boxed  and hopefully clear me of some bits and pieces. So that updates that.


    Pete Robinson

    Thanks Ken. You tripod was gratefully received and was the first raffle prize to be claimed by a very grateful recipient.  I have plenty of old equipment that needs a new home. I do sometime advertise it in our ‘Buy and Sell’ forum but rarely get any interest so I sell it on email or take it to the charity shop. It’s always nice to get a thank you for services rendered and I think some people just forget to do that these days.



    Yes, thank you Ken for the two super donations you made for our two big inter-club competitions this season. They made a terrific difference to the raffle and I’m sure helped to sell far more tickets.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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