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    Its good to know the CPS coffers are in a healthy state. I am sure some where on this website the recent decision by the committee to “archive” the Ladies Cup  is reported. When announced a few months ago the cup was being withdrawn from future awards, I offered to buy it. Suggesting £250  -as I have no idea of the value, but would certainly have met the clubs valuation. My plan was to give the cup to one of the lady members who I recall being so proud when awarded the Ladies Cup. Also helping CPS with some extra funds. Now I understand the committee recently decided to keep and archive the cup. In our case with no rooms of our own, archive means it remaining   in some ones  private home never again to be seen by the members. Probably now seven years since the slide comp. cup was withdrawn –where is that now.? I can tell you–in the archives. I am sure the committee in its wisdom considered the boost to its coffers and found there was no need for a bit of a lift. Some good comes out of every thing. I have sent the money to the RED CROSS who in recent years have an exceptional need for regular donations and are a really good cause.

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