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    A ha ha joke  not as good as Roy”s.   This chap needed a new brain and went to see the brain surgeon for a brain transplant-  No problem said the surgeon looking down his ledger- Yep one here-a good one –was an executive at the local camera club—£1m  –can”t afford said the guy. Looking down his ledger–Got one here-also executive from the camera club -half million pounds—No way said the guy, could never pay for that.  What about this ladies brain –she was at the same camera club-£250,000  said the surgeon. No said the guy I am just a working chap and need something I can afford. Well sorry thats” all there is  closing his book. The nurse sitting in said to the surgeon–What about old Kens brain–he was at the same camera club.  So the surgeon getting out an old Tesco bag and brought out this old brain wrapped in an old newspaper=said well I could transplant old Kens brain –cost you £25–wow yes I can afford that and all agreed.  Signing up the guy asked–Why is old Kens brain only  £25  when all the others so expensive–ah well said the surgeon-old Kens is a used one. ha  ha  ha 


    Pete Robinson

    It might be used,but it’s had a head start

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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