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    Maybe the other member who reads the forum posts may also enjoy the many and various names dropped in by our Chairman and Webmaster most of whom I have never heard of.However one named yesterday by John rings bells from past halcyon days. Barbirolli–the late (1970 RIP) Sir John Barbirolli famed mostly as conductor of the Halle. When building and commissioning St. Mary”s Hospital Manchester his wife Evelyn (an oboist) was a vip committee member—and she told me how they were lucky to still be alive.I myself recall so well in the war years how the famous film actor–Leslie Howard–(Gone With the Wind—The Scarlet Pimpernel–First of the Few)-a passenger in an unarmed airline -I think flying from neutral Portugal was attacked and shot down , killing everyone by a NAZI plane -probably flown by Kurt. As Evelyn explained to me (Lady Barbirolli) they were booked out from Lisbon on this flight when Leslie Howard asked them to swap and take an earlier flight as he wished to stay a bit longer–otherwise they both would have been killed .————I find how genuine great people are never snobs—whereas so often with little people with big ego”s they are. Barirolli was no snob-yet from humble experiences. Into music from a small child as a young man joined the army in the first world war. Just a very ordinary lance corporal he was making his mark in the regimental band. On his knees scrubbing the floor of the officers mess -a senior officer came looking for him saying the bandmaster was now not available and ordered Barirolli to take over the band–and as they say the rest was history.Met him a couple of times and longed to take my camera-but in those days you kept your place and never crossed the line.

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